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Taiwo (M)

Taiwo (M)


Created by : Mayor

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Taiwo (M)

Name: Taiwo

Gender: Male

Parents: Geed and Sheeza (Malka's step-father)

Siblings: Taleew (half-brother)

Likes: relaxing, joking, doing nothing, enjoying in beautiful day

Dislikes: hard work, too playful cubs, annoying lionesses, waking up early

Personality: He is a nurturer with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential. Creative and dedicated, he has a talent for helping others with original solutions to their personal challenges. He is highly attuned to  his emotional environment and attentive to both the feelings of others and the perception others have of him.

Mate: Nia (c) Kovu fan!

Cubs: None yet

Pride: Ashura's and Michezo's Pride (c) SixNewAdventures and CubbieTaraji

Pride Position: Cub-sitter

History: Taiwo's born in driest part of Outlands. Their king was too selfish and overprotective and he wouldn't let them leave the pride cause he killed the last one who tried. Tai's mother couldn't stand watching her little cub dying slowly without water so she risked her life while running away while Tai's father covered them. Sadly his father was killed. Tai and his mother was left all alone. She took little cub Taiwo to the Pride Land in hope that she can find her childhood friend Malka who can help them. And she did. After sometime spent together Taiwo's mother Sheewa and Malka became mates. Taiwo was angry because he believed that she forgot about his dad too fast. Few months later he got a little brother Taleew and that made him even more bitter. When he grew up and learned everything he believed he needs to know he left pride without saying a word. Next thing he knows is that he found himself on abandoned territory. He saw strange male hunting and that woke him curious nature. At first lion hold his guard but later he became very calm cause Tai made him curtain that he's harmless. Lion introduced himself as Michezo and told him that he has pregnant mate who's now resting in their hideout. Taiwo started to get along with Michezo and his mate Ashura very well. He couldn't be more happier when he attended birth of Dama and Jana. He felt like he became uncle and that made him forget about all the bitterness he had because of his mother and Malka.

Bases by me


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August 07, 2012
Yugoslavia Is not currently on the site
Sounds awesome ;) Can't wait to see her

August 07, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Okay, I'll pm you her later once I get done designing her ok?^^ And your welcome:)

August 07, 2012
Yugoslavia Is not currently on the site
Thank you Kovu fan! I'd love that! :P

August 06, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hmm... he is truely handsome! I could probably make him one if its still open^^

August 06, 2012
Yugoslavia Is not currently on the site
Needs mate!

August 06, 2012
Yugoslavia Is not currently on the site
Thank you Six! :P I'm so so happy that you like him!

August 06, 2012
India Female Is not currently on the site
He's amazing Mayor, just credit Cubbie also for the pride^^

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