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Created by : ZaynabSwoo

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Swahilah

Name: Swahilah 

Meaning: Last baby or the descendant

Age: Depends on use (more as cub)

Gender: Female lioness

Parents: Kovu and Kiara

Siblings: Mfano and Dwala

Relatives: Kion (Uncle) Nala (Grandmother) Simba (Grandfather) Kopa (Uncle)x3

Appearance:  she has Kiara's body as a small one, and for a color between orange and brown, her nose has a round shape like Kiara's and the other PrideLanders and some spots on her paw.

Her eyes have the orange color of Kiara and Simba, and a small tuft of fringe like of Tama and Simba wen youngs.

Like: Hiden-and-seak with her siblings, walk with her mother or grandmother, fish or play in the water whole and the history about how her grandfather Simba freed the pridelands of Scar.

Deslikes: rogue lions and the hyenas.

Personality: Swahilah is a kind lioness, She would never hurt anyone, not intentionally,is an attempt to be protective with her older siblings, she always wants the good of both.

It's a bit of a hot head when someone irritates or mocks her or her siblings. She a real daddy's girl.

Fears: When her mother get disappointed.


She was born after the war between Zira and the PrideLanders.

Swahilah was born after his two brothers, being the third and last cub of Kovu and Kiara.

Everyone at PrideLands loved her, as she was the only girl Kovu and Kiara had, she spent most of her time playing with other Cubs or with her siblings, or learning things from her mother and grandmother.
she and her siblings used to play around water, in the eyes of their parents, of course.

When she grew up, Swahilah became one of the leaders of the Pride Land's huntress.

(Soon i will work more on her story)

Relation with TLK: Pride Land's princess, thirt daughter of Kovu and Kiara, grandchild of Simba and Nala and niece to Kion and Kopa


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