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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Sunette



Name: Sunette

Age: Sunette is usually seen as a cub, sometimes a slightly younger one (As in her picture) or a slightly older one

Family and Other Relations: Bamoma Gabon (Father), Rileigh (Mother), Gabon and General Risoto (Grandfathers), Lady Antie (Grandmother), Ebon (Great grandfather), Gantua (Great grandmother), Ave and Jot (Uncles), Rin and Imani (Aunts), Drummer, Lynnie, Kira, Roscoe, Arielle (Cousins), Gabinta (Great aunt), Wafa (Adopted great uncle)

Pride: Isu Keeney

Personality: Sunette is loud, talkative, rather bossy, and enthusiastic. She loves company, and she loves to talk to people, but when in a conversation, she has a habit of never letting anyone get more than a couple of words in. She is often eager to participate in any kind of social activity; providing it doesn't involve her doing anything she would rather not. Sunette generally prefers to be with adults or older cubs; the ones her age don't always tolerate or have the patience for her. However, she isn't hated by them; a lot of cubs actually care very much about her, and do occasionally enjoy her company, but she is usually known as the 'annoying one'.

Sunette often comes across as being conceited and egotistical. However, it isn't entirely true; often Sunette is simply too caught up in her own feelings to even consider anyone else. She does absolutely love being the centre of attention, as it makes her feel loved and like she matters; two things that she is sometimes scared aren't true. Sunette fears rejection and loneliness, and tries to avoid anything that might upset her or bring her out of her comfort zone, which can result in her refusing to help people and appearing extremely selfish at times. She can be quite snappy or rude if someone contradicts her or speaks against her. Sunette lacks understanding of other people, and some people can't quite understand her.

Learning from her father, a bard, Sunette's greatest passion is singing. She is quite eloquent and good with words; however, her endless talking and singing is extremely annoying and exasperating to a lot of people.

Appearance: Sunette has a stocky build; she's not really what you would call 'fat' or 'plump', but rather, she is naturally built with a thicker body. Sunette's nose is thin and wide, curling just a little at each end. Her muzzle is small, with an extremely short and tiny chin. Her ears, small and round, are almost always pointing forward. Her eyes are round with curled eyelashes, and above each eye is a spot. The color on her chest ends at the middle of her belly. Her two middle toes on her front paws are brown. Coming down from her head and onto her back and then onto her entire tail is a thick stripe, just slightly darker than her main color.

Likes: Singing, talking, her family and friends, being with people, playing

Dislikes: Being alone, being contradicted, feeling left out or disliked


Bamoma Gabon was a bard: a traveling minstrel, storyteller, and poet. He and his wife, Rileigh, eventually settled in the Isu Keeney after the war, and much later, they had cub: Sunette. Sunette inherited her father's love for singing, and composed songs of her own that she would perform for her friends and family (Whether they wanted it or not). While it was evident that she had talent, her singing did need work, and it was often referred to instead as 'screeching'.

One time, when Bamoma Gabon was hired to perform at a celebration in the Pride Lands, Sunette insisted that she may come along, too. Once there, she decided to entertain Kiara and Kovu with one of her own songs. Kiara found Sunette's performance very amusing, while Kovu had to use all his strength to resist covering his ears and screaming.

In the Isu Keeney pride, Sunette was far from being the most popular cub, due to her loud and overbearing personality, along with her tendency to be snappy or selfish. However, she would still participate in a lot of the other cubs' games and adventures, though quite often she forced herself in.

Rileigh would often take Sunette to see the families of Rileigh's brother and sister, Ave and Rin. Sunette loved spending time with her aunts and uncles and cousins, more so than with cubs her own age. However, Sunette's parents always remained as her best friends, for she had a very, very close bond with them.

Relation to TLK: Sunette visited the Pride Lands and performed before Kiara and Kovu.


Designed by Windhowler and given to me by Pawface! Thank you both so much!

Bamoma Gabon, Gabon, Ebon, Jot, Drummer (c) Windhowler

Rileigh, Rin, Imani, Lynnie, Kira (c) Bulbasaur

General Risoto, Lady Antie, Ave, Arielle, Wafa (c) Pawface

Roscoe (c) -WildFire-


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February 27, 2021
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GreyBeagle: Thank you! :P

Bulba: Thanks! Glad you like her! :)

February 27, 2021
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
She is so so cute!! A wonderful bio too!!

February 27, 2021
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How cute little girl :KiaraHearts: love the pic you used for her reference

February 26, 2021
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Thank you both so much! :MufasaBigSmile: So glad you two like her!

February 26, 2021
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Raaaagh! She's magnificent! I totally agree with Paw about everything! Her artwork and her bio - and most importantly her singing! . . . Screeching voice, oh my! :icon300:

She's the perfect daughter for Bamoma and Rileigh! :icon304: :icon308: I absolutely adore her! Well done as always!

February 26, 2021
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Omg, what a cutie!! Her body ref is soo sweet, her personality is very original (such a character!) and the whole bio is very well written. It's interesting and I can so imagine her as a perfect tv series! She's just too cute!
The performance part in her story also got me laughing! :KiaraLaugh:

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