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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Strike

Name: Strike

Age: depends on use

Breed: Lion

Pride: Pridelander

Parents: unknown deceasedSibl

siblngs: none

Friends: Sandsorm, Kovu

Crush; Sandstorm

Mate: Sandstorm

Cubs: coming soon

Likes: Sandstorm, fighting, being part of a family

Dislikes: Being alone, Rojok, Fire

Personality: Strike is a real gentleman, he likes to take care of everybody and always treas everyone rightly. He will go out of his way t make people happy and is usually polite. Strike doenst like it when a "lady" is treated wrongly espiacally if its Sandsorm.

Hisoty/bio: Before Strike lived with the pridelanders he travelled with his parents. He didnt know their names only that he called them moher and father. They raised him as a gentleman. When they reached a land next to pridelands they settled down for the night unaware of the danger.

Strike awoke around midnight to an intense heat. The lands were on fire! His mother and faher urged him on running beside him. He got burned on his side bu kept on running.

They came across a river, and so his faher threw him across to the other side, but sadly before his parents could swim across a giant burning tree collapsed blocking their path. There was no other way to escape. His parents told him that they loved him dearly and that he must go on and find a new home without them. Strike was torn he wanted to help his parents but he didnt want to disobey them.

Strike tried to swim across the river to help, but found that he couldnt, He didnt know how to swim. He knew that the fire coudsnt cross the river and that he'd be safe. He could no longer see his parentsd but he heard their screams. The last he heard of their voices was"We love you, please dont forget us!"

When the fire ended Srike found  a way across and ran to his parents. Alas they were dead. Their bodie were lifeless, covered in burn marks. Srike sat there for 3 days crying untill he realized he had to obey his parents will and go on without them.

He eventually came across the pridelands where he was taken to Simba the king by the lionesses, There he told the king and queen what had happended to him and they let him stay.

Strike didnt have many friends, the princess Kiara was to young and didnt play much Her older brother Kopa had been killed recently by a lioness named Zira. here were other cubs but they were already in friendships and didnt play with him much. That was untill he met Sandstorm.

She was just sitting there on priderock that day, looking sad and lonely. She reminded him of himself, sad and alone. He rembered Kiara mentioning her once or twice. She was her adopted Sister, Nala had found her when she was a baby and took her back. Everyone called her lil royal, because she ws like the second princess.

She was an orphan like him, and she was ever so pretty. Strike wanted to be her friend so he pounced on her back. She didnt know who he was and threw him off, turned around and stared growling. Srike almost laughed at her expression, of confusion, annoyance and excitement.

She lunged at him and soon had him pinned to the ground, he didnt expect her to be so strong. So he said to her."Wanna be friends?"

She smiled nodding and he grinned goofily, they continued fightng.Thats how he became friends with Sandstorm.

When they were older, he confessed his love to her and she felt the same. They were then together bu simba didnt like it, he kept them apart( we all know how overprotective Simba is).

This made them both sad....

A rogue lion joined the pride his name was Rojok, he wanted Sandstorm to be his mate, and still does

Eventually after many hardships Simba let Srike and Sandsorm be together. They are waiting or the right time to have cubs.

Relation to TLK: A pridelander and mate of Nala's adopted daughter.



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he is cool

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yup hes a gentleman alright:cool:

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gentelman is cool hehehe:cool:

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