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Created by : SparrowFeather

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Siri(SF)

Adopted from-WildFire- Thankyou so much:)

Name: Siri(Meaning'Secret'In Swahili)

Breed: African Lioness

Gender: Female

Parents: Simba and Kula

Siblings: Kiara, Kopa and Kion(All half)

Personality: Sweet, kind, loyal, a lot like her mother Kula and has a small bit of temper coming from her father Simba. She can get along with anyone if they are nice to her in return.

Likes: Napping,sunshine,her mother,relaxing

Dislikes: Rainstorms,fires,rogues,hyenas


Relation To TLK: Daughter of Simba and Kula

History: Siri was born in secret away from the Pridelands. Kula had already known she was pregnant and wanted to haver her cub away from the PrideLands afraid of what Queen Nala would do to her and the cub she didn't want to risk her cub's safety so she had her cub in Malka's pride.

Soon Siri grew into a playful cub always going on adventures with the other cubs in the pride and learning new things every day. Everyone already knew who the cub's father was and it wasn't Malka.Malka was fine with not being the father of the cub and raised her as his own daughter while helping Kula.

Siri then grew into an adult and Kula finally told her who her father was that he was named Simba the King of the PrideLands Siri didn't understand and thought Malka was her father but she had been wrong she was mad that her mother kept the secret from her so long Kula told her it was for her safety and that she was afraid of what Queen Nala would if Nala found about her. Siri then understood a bit and began training to become one of the best huntresses in Malka's pride.


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Big bad mods.
I trust you will!

April 30, 2021
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Thanks:VitaniSmile: I’ll take care of her:)

April 30, 2021
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Big bad mods.
I'm glad to see her up! I like what you did with her :)

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