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Created by : Simon Ferocious

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Sidney

Name: Sidney

Meaning: 'Wide meadow'

Theme: My way- Sid Vicious

Age: Depends on use

Parents: An unknown father and -

Siblings: None

Personality: Sid is a rather innocent character through his apperance though he holds multiple traits. He cares little for what people think of him and would gladly smack his face in to a tree to shock someone. Such a thing links to how he is rather easily led along and made to harm himself. Never the less he's rather misunderstood and viewed as only a dirty and filthy lion with a rude attitude and 'stupid' childish humour. This appearance to the naked eye is due to how he doesn't have a filter for his words and spits out 'unreasonable' words. Even so he's a humourus and stupid lion who only wants to have fun before he grows old. Due to this he's rather careless and doesn't care for what he does for fun. With this he was influnced by his friends anarchic group who roam around and do whatever they want even if people view it as wrong. As a final point his rude and crude behaviour had him dubbed as the 'dirty child' of his former community he lived in. But he poses no real threat unless shoved over the edge with force, after all he's only a goofy and clumsy lion who's rather mixed up.

Love interest: Lucky (c) Sierra.

Mate: Lucky (C) Sierra.

Cubs: None

History: Sidney was orignally born under the name of Steven after his father. Even so he never got to meet his dad as he left due to how poorly his mum acted. In return his mum took him along to a pride up north where he lived for a couple of months. During this time his mum found a new mate who replaced his father. But this didn't last for long as he passed away from an illness. So his mum took him away again to where he was from orignally in the south. Around this time his mum was known for only hunting for sport and eating plants which would make her seem out of character for days. In return Sid began to socialise with other cubs in the area but he was only seen as scum due to his mum. With this he felt ashamed and attempted to make himself seem more interesting through humour. This worked every now and then till he began to grow frustrated with how poorly he was treated for his behaviour and curdeness. By this time his mum was finally coming off the plants temporarily and then she took him off toward an area she called the outlands. When there Sid didn't feel comfortable, this led to him heading out to pride rock. When there he watched other cubs from afar and the one to catch his eye happened to be someone who looked as 'unnatural' as himself. This cub turned out to be Chimola who soon turned to be his closest and best friend. With that he was introduced to his friend's aunt who saw him as a 'vicious meerkat'. The simple comment from Sarabi had the orange haired cub gaining the nickname of Sidney after a meerkat who Chimola had met on his travels with his father. After this he stuck to the name and met other cubs lions as Simba didn't hold such acceptance for him. With this Sidney began to hang around Chimola as well as some other's who he followed wondering around most of the time. As this went on he wanted to avoid his mum as much as possible when she began to fall back on old habits. When travelling Chimola Sidney also met a certain lioness who dealt with the same issue as being treated as something unnatural. In return as the two got to know each other Sid began to become closer to her and soon he asked her to become him mate to which she agreed.

Extra: Sid's father is a former member of Pride rock who lost interest when his mum turned to 'plant munching' as he labelled it. Unlike her he wanted to raise him properly but never had the chance and had attempted to see him many times. Sid also beleives that he'll die before he grows old and that's yet to be answered as detiny or a false idea,

Genration: Kiara's

Base: (c)Myself

Relation to The Lion King: Sidney is a common visitor to pride rock who has a good bond with Sarabi, but he's been viewed as an idiot and weird individual by Simba who he purposely provokes for a reaction in return.


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