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Shujaa Maarufu

Shujaa Maarufu


Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Shujaa Maarufu

Name: Shujaa Maarufu "Maarufu" ("famous warrior"; Swahili)

Gender: Male

Species: Hyena

Age: Adult/Depends on Use

Generation: Kiara and Kovu's Great Grandchildren


Personality: Maarufu only needs one word to describe him: aggressive. He's always eager for a fight to test his skills and strengths, not to mention being able to find power over others. Due to the power he had in his old clan, Maarufu wants it once again, and finds that the only way he can is to fight with others to prove dominance and strength. During his time as a loner, he has learned that lying and deceiving others is a very valuable skill set, and isn't afraid to lie or pretend in order to get what he wants. But, there is a downside to this. Because he continues to lie, he doesn't have many friends, but he is somewhat of a social animal compared to Beki. So, he does often talk to others when he wants, though he may not be the friendliest guy in the bunch, especially with his hot temper and aggressive nature.

Likes: Fighting, Beki, Power

Dislikes: Losing, No Power, Hunting


Birth Clan: Vita Clan

Birth Rank: Matriarch's Son

Clan/s: None (Dhukiya's Group)

Rank/s: Fighter (former), Loner (former), Fighter


History: Maarufu was born into the Vita Clan by his mother, who was the current matriarch and descendant of Cheezi whilst his father was a resident fighter of the clan who was a descendant of Chungu. His father died soon after his birth due to a skirmish with lions, however at this point, Maarufu was too young to even know what his father looked like. Growing up in the Vita Clan was tough, with trials constantly being thrown at the members to make them stronger fighters. With the title of matriarch's son on his plate, Maarufu was given even higher standards, and was trained by the fiercest warriors of the clan.

Their practices were long and hard, especially for Maarufu, who made it harder for him because of her high expectations. In these practices, he gained several scars, and even a notched eyebrow, however he bore these as marks of honor. As he grew older, he began to get much better, and continually outmatched many of the other members. Once he reached the age of a young adult, after completeing his training, he was given his mother's blessing, and he left the clan to live as a loner. While on his travels, he either constantly picked fights, and usually won, or he tricked others into giving him their food, which more often than not let to fights. After a particularly bad scuffle, his right ear had several notches, and another notched his left ear, but he took it in stride.

He soon reached a grassy place known as the Pridelands, where he was soon driven out for trying to hunt. Due to mainly focusing on his fighting skills at home, he had trouble hunting, but his luck was about to change. He encountered a female hyena by the name of Beki, and after the initial argument, the two became a strange sort of pair, with Beki providing food and Maarufu providing protection. While out wandering one day, he encountered a lioness by the name of Dhukiya, and after talking to her, came back and told Beki. He eventually convinced her to join him, and he has now become a part of Dhukiya's group.

Relation to TLK: Descendant of Chungu and Cheezi, his partner in crime is the great granddaughter of Jasiri, is planning to take over the Pridelands.

Headshot (c) Lionobsession (Again, I can't thank you enough because seriously, these headshots are awesome :))

Body (c) Me

Original Image, Lion King (c) Disney


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