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Shuja (M)

Shuja (M)


Created by : meemee

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Shuja (M)

And in the sea that's painted black
Creatures lurk below the deck
But you're a king and I'm a lion-heart


Name: Shuja

Pronouns: He/Him

Orientation: Pansexual


  • Mother: Rani
  • Father: Kion

Love Interest: Milo (Simon Ferocious, coming soon)

Personality: Shuja is a brave protector of the tree of life, who takes his destiny as king very very seriously. However, he sometimes comes across as perhaps a little too soft - a king needs to be strong and stand for what's right, but to much of the tree of life he's considered a little bit of a pushover. In his late teens, he tries to grow past this. and strengthen his leadership skills.

Likes: The tree of life, his family

Dislikes: Intruders, Unfamiliar faces

Relation to TLK: son of rani and kion, future king of the tree of life


It was inevitable, as the king and queen of the tree of life, that a cub would be on the way. Of course, they were still both just teenagers, so it wasn't until quite a few years of growing up together and ruling the tree of life together did they finally consider the possibility of a cub on the way.

Their first born son, Shuja, was met with wonderful ceremonies and animals traving from afar - including from the pridelands. They all came to celebrate the birth of a wonderful, healthy male cub, and a future king to the tree of life.

From cubhood, Shuja was trained under the teachings of his mother queen Rani. Simmilar to Kiara's "queen lessons," he was taught how to be a calm and fair ruler. That, of course, he had no issue with - but the real problems arose in situations that required a bit more force.

One such instance involved a particularly nasty intruder to the tree of life. As king in training, Shuja was given the responsibility of handling the situation. He tried at first, to appear welcoming, and offered the strange foe (a black panther) a place to stay- but it was clear he had no intention of staying to be friendly. He caused disruption to nesting grounds, scavenged food from families, and even wrecked quite a few nests high atop the trees. Shuja's soft spoken and friendly mannerisms were going to do very little to stop him.
Fortunately for him, Shuja has a wonderfully supportive (and only slightly) annoying little brother - Taba (page incoming) - who helped him toughen up just a little bit. Though it'll take him some time to fully find a balance between tough and caring, with some assistance he was finally able to stand his ground over the intruder, and force him away from the tree of life.

When Shuja is a young adult, a rogue lion makes his way to the tree of life. As prince in training, Shuja is instructed to welcome him and show him around... However, he wasn't exactly thrilled by this idea. The rogue lion had already begun causing trouble throughout the tree of life, and attempting to welcome him in tweaked a nerve with him. The rogue's name was milo, and he seemed to love getting Shuja annoyed. Rani reminded her son to be welcoming and accept all kinds of animals, and Shuja did so begrudgingly.

Milo himself didn't seem to care much for the tree of life, being mostly indifferent to the animals there and the healing properties of the tree - but he enjoyed seeing Shuja squirm. He agreed to stay, promising not to cause any probelms whatsoever - except for bugging shuja as much as possible. Shuja begrudgingly accepted this.

Over time, Shuja and Milo's relationship started to shift. Milo grew tired of purposefully provoking him to anger, while Shuja started to find it....endearing? They became very flirty friends, and eventually mates. They get along much better than they used to - but Milo still loves to get on his boyfriend's nerves every once in a while.



Name meaning: hero

Age in picture: teenager (around balio's age in season3 of the lion guard)

voice actor: Matthew Moy (x)


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