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Shaka {Az}

Shaka {Az}


Created by : Azerae

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Shaka {Az}

Name: Shaka

Name Meaning: "doubt" or "trouble" in Swahili

Age: Varies Upon Use

Status: Alive

Residence: Unknown lands {birth; she and her family left and joined the Pridelands}, Pridelands {formerly}

Appearance: Shaka is a light auburn lioness with a lighter, creamier underbelly. Of her sisters, Shaka's has the most Pridelander-ish build. She has a scruffy chin but doesn't have a chin structure like her sisters'. She has very fluffy cheeks and fluffy ears. She retains her family's signature headstripe. Shaka has an almost black nose and a dark reddish-brown tail tuft. She has blue eyes that she inherited from her mother's side of the family. Shaka also has light brown pawpads. 

Parents: Udanganyifu {Strange Lion from TLG} and unnamed mother

Siblings: Zira {sister}, Adede {sister}

Children: Nakala {daughter through Scar}, Kovu {son through Surak} 

Other Family: Nuka {nephew}, Baya {niece}, Mwinyi {nephew}, Imara {niece}, multiple grandcubs through Kovu

Relationships: Semi-mates with Scar {formerly}; Semi-mates with Surak {formerly}; TBA

Personality: Shaka is an efficient thinker and she's got a sense of self-confidence about her. She's a natural born leader and she's strong-willed; you'll never see this girl give up when things get rough. Shaka is a very strategic planner and charismatic, ultimately being the one most of the outsider lionesses listened to before they listened to Zira. Shaka can be very stubborn in her ideals and very impatient with those who cannot keep up with her. She's very intolerant of ideas that do not support her primary goals in the endgame. Shaka can come off as arrogant and she seems to have a rather poor handling of others' emotions, as she'll tend to trample on them without thinking twice about it {though this is not completely intentional}. In turn, Shaka can come across as cold and ruthless, as she doesn't take others' sensitivites, personal circumstances, or preferences into account. Shaka is very calculating whenever it comes to her planning and often does not take others' feelings into consideration; she sees her vision, and hers alone. Shaka worries about emotions last, if at all. {Personality Type ENTJ}

History: Shaka was born alongside her two sisters to Udanganyifu and his mate. Shaka was the second born, being born right behind Zira and before Adede. Their mother loved them to bits, but Udanganyifu seemed like he could've lived without them. However, as they grew, Udanganyifu seemed to have a favoritism for Zira, the daughter who appeared to look the most like him. He would often take Zira and teach her his ways while Shaka and Adede remained with their mother, presumably to learn to hunt or to learn an essential skill they needed to know to survive. Shaka and her sister had a fairly close relationship with their sweet mother.

Zira's realization of their father's favoritism of her began to twist her personality. Zira thought herself better than her younger sisters; she was the favorite! They weren't! That had to mean something! Zira found herself rubbing it in her sisters' faces, especially Shaka's. Zira's mockery left a bad taste in Shaka's mouth. Shaka didn't allow it to get under her skin, but it did annoy her. What really got under Shaka's skin was whenever Zira began talking down to their mother. Their mother was weak-willed and naive, but very sweet. Udanganyifu would often make comments to Zira that her mother was 'very weak', something Zira kept in mind. When Adede attempted to take up for their mother, Zira ignored her entirely. Whenever Shaka did, it seemed to have struck a nerve in Zira. This resulted in an actual fight between the two young sisters, leaving a mark on their relationship that couldn't be mended. Zira saw them both weak as well for taking up for their mother, and tried to not associate much with them. The incident truly got under Zira's skin all because Shaka bucked up on her. 

Unfortunately for Zira, her days of favoritism were numbered. One day, Udanganyifu didn't return home. It was later discovered that Udanganyifu had died in the volcano. Zira became upset and angry that her father had been killed. Shaka and Adede were upset but didn't feel the intensity that Zira did. Udanganyifu's mate was heartbroken, but begrudgingly moved on. She ultimately made the decision to move with her still-rather-young daughters to the Pridelands.

Shaka and Adede kept to themselves for the first few months of their stay at their new home. Shaka kept to herself not because she was shy, but because she was trying to take in everything. They were in a new place where Zira couldn't boss them around. It was perfect. It was a new start. Shaka relished in it.

As she and her sisters continued to grow, the then-King Mufasa had a son with his wife and queen, Sarabi. Zira had grown smitten with Utukufu {Scar}, though he seemed to not reciprocate her feelings. Adede had remained on the sidelines, just trying to fit in but keep her distance from Zira. Months passed before Shaka's eyes and before she knew it, Mufasa was dead, Simba was as well, and Scar was the new king of Pride Rock. Shaka was astonished, Adede was mortified, and Zira; Zira was ecstatic.

Scar wasn't a good king. He wasn't a good king to the lands or the lionesses. Zira stood behind him, being one of the very few who supported his reign and the way he looked at things. At first, Scar attempted to woo Sarabi into being his queen. Sarabi refused to be his queen, resulting in him punishing the lionesses by allowing the hyenas to eat before they did. After months passed, Scar got two cubs out of Zira, Nuka and Baya. Scar was disappointed with the attempt, and broke his mateship with Zira as a result. He moved on to Shaka. While Shaka intially was going to say 'no,' Shaka thought this to be the perfect opportunity to finally get back at Zira for all the times she put down herself, Adede, and their poor mother. She agreed.

First came Nakala, who was almost a spitting image of Scar. Scar mistook her as a male based on how fluffy she was and her masculine attributes {elbow tufts}. Scar was disappointed that his attempt turned out to be a girl. When Shaka realized that she wasn't pregnant the second time, she was frustrated. Shaka refused to let failure be an option

Shaka eventually gave birth to her second cub, Kovu. On appearance alone, Scar believed that Kovu was truly his son and named Kovu his heir to the throne. Zira was outraged and attempted to have Shaka killed by lying to Scar, trying to claim that Kovu was actually hers, not Shaka's, and that Shaka stole Kovu from her. Scar knew she was lying and punished her by giving her the notch in her ear. Scar died believing that Kovu was his true son. Finally enacting her sweet revenge on Zira, she mocked her by telling her Kovu wasn't truly Scar's son at all. This completely enraged Zira. Zira began to plot her sister's demise and the kidnapping of Kovu.

One night, Zira sneaked into Shaka's cave with her young son Nuka and attempts to murder Shaka and steal Kovu. This, of course, fails, and Shaka attempts to fight Zira off. Zira yells for Nuka to grab Kovu, which causes him to panic and freeze. Zira, frustrated at Nuka's inability to stick to plan, quickly snatches up Kovu and flees with Nuka in tow. Shaka attempts to chase after her sister, but Zira is too quick and successfully flees with Kovu. All Shaka is left with is Nakala.

Relation to TLK: Daughter of the Strange Lion/Udanganyifu, sister of Zira, and mother of Kovu.

Shaka's information is a Work in Progress, meaning that her history {whether it be major or minor} is subject to change!

I really need to fine tune Shaka's information ;; it's very rough and feels disorganized, but it's her general history. I hope it's not too painful to read!

Shaka's headshot and fullbody were drawn by myself! Her fullbody was referenced from the scene where Sarabi holds Simba in her arms. Please do not use my drawings!

Shaka's design was based on a miscolor of Zira in a storybook she appears in!


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