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Created by : Ralsei

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Sarki

Name: Sarki
Meaning: "Chief, leader" in Swahili
Gender: Male
Age: Depends on use
Parents: Mufasa and Sarabi
Siblings: Simba and Tojo
Crush: Anthea
Mate: Anthea
Likes/dislikes: Sarki loves his family deep in his heart, as well as making new friends. He dislikes his uncle Scar, hyenas and fights
Personality/bio: Sarki was born some time after Mufasa's death, and as soon as Sarabi gave birth to the little cub she knew he wouldn't be safe and that Scar would kill him as soon as he could. So his mother left him and his brother under the protection of Malka's pride, where both were raised.
Sarki was always a playful, happy-go-lucky guy, unlike his brother Tojo, who was very shy and was always under his shadow, seeing him as some kind of role model. Sarki loved his brother dearly and they were inseparable.
As he grew, Sarki learned that his birth lands were in danger and that his mother, Sarabi, was in grave danger under Scar's paws. Malka's pride was organizing a mass attack to stop the lion and save the kingdom from the tyranny. However, the true heir, Simba, arrived to claim back his pride and soon the Pride Lands were free once again.
Sarki finally met  Simba, who was both astonished and happy to know that he had a younger brother. Simba welcomed him with open arms and so the brownish lion bade farewell to his pride siblings and went to live with his blood family.
Relation to TLK: Son to Mufasa and Sarabi, brother to Simba and Tojo

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January 12, 2020
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Dana isn’t on here?

December 27, 2019
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is currently on the site
Big bad mods.
Right. That's cool, like I said to each their own. :)

December 27, 2019
Is not currently on the site
Yes, you're right! In my view Tojo was born after Mufasa's death ^^

December 27, 2019
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is currently on the site
Big bad mods.
I suppose in Ralsei's version Tojo is Mufasa and Sarabi's son? Not really how would I see it, but to each their own. Nice looking character anyway. :)

December 27, 2019
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
I like his design! But how is Tojo a brother to him?

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