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Sandro (S15)

Sandro (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Sandro (S15)

(Cub designed, created, and given by user Swashh (C) ).

Name: Sandro.
Name Origin: Italian.
Gender: Male.
Age: Cub (2-3 months).
Parent(s): Mother deceased, father 'unknown'. Jarvis, (Since, he decided to take little Sandro under his wing).
Sibling(s): none.
Crush(es): ----
Mate(s): Too young, he's just a cub.
Cub(s): Too young, he's just a cub.
Friend(s): Kali and other cubs in the Sun Pride, also Jarvis.
Pride(s): None, was found by Rafiki wondering around in the Pride Lands alone. He stayed at his baobab tree briefly. Currently, he lives at the Sun Pride after being accepted in by Reem.
Rank(s): Unfortunately, none yet since he is only a cub. Things are undecided until he becomes a teen when Reem and Kopa are able to assign him a duty in the pride.
Personality/Bio: Sandro is the most cutest, kind-hearted, shy, and gentle lion cub that you would have ever met. He is literally innocent and is not mischievous as most lion cubs are known to behave. He listens well and follow rules when being told. He stays pretty much out of trouble often and is more 'relaxed'. But when it comes to any adventures, he has no problems joining his friends along on a fun, playful journey not letting them down.

In the beginning, Sandro was found by Rafiki wondering alone in the Pride Lands with no (censored) lions around. He appeared to be lost and confused. Rafiki was on his way to pay King Simba and Queen Nala a visit, but had come across the little cub. He asked him what land he was from, who is his parents and pride. It was obvious that he is no Pride Lander due to his color, scent and markings. Sandro politely told the mandrill that he lost his mother someplace (she was killed by a stranger male lion who she refused to share her meal with) and do not know where his home is. Rafiki stopped everything and took the cub to his home, apologizing to King Simba and Queen Nala that he will have to be excused quickly from his visitation. Of course, they understood.

At Rafiki's tree, he gave the cub a full body check up making sure he has no hidden injuries and that his health is normal. Sandro surprisingly is fine! He just appeared to be very hungry and dehydrated, that is all. Rafiki had no food for a lion at his home (for what ever reason), so he decides to pay a visit at the Tree of Life to see if Nirmala has any thing for the cub to feed. Of course she did! She could not refuse anything to the poor abandoned little cub, she fed him what she had and gave him water on a large leaf, enough for a cub his size to drink. Sandro was hesitant at first being shy and it took him a while to understand that these animals are just helping him. Nirmala made a promise to Rafiki that she would look after him and make sure that he eats.

Days later, Sandro finally gained Nirmala's trust and began eating the food and water that was given. Nirmala was excited that the cub showed improvement and asked him many questions about himself and what not, starting out a friendly bond. Nirmala knows that she can not raise the cub as much as she would for him to stay, but she has other animals and busy tasks to attend. But she knows some one who would! Her good friend Reem. She paid the Sun Pride a visit with Sandro tagging along. She asked Reem politely if she can take him in her pride. She knows Reem and her lions will look after the cub strongly. Sandro again was nervous meeting Reem, but she made sure to make him feel as comfy as possible at her home. He really became eased up once he met the other cubs there around his same age. That was when Sandro's shy side became more friendly and playful. He made sure to thank Reem for giving him a chance and the more he grew, the more he became protective and loyal to her and her brother Kopa.

Later on, Sandro meets one of the new Sun Pride's lion guard members named, "Jarvis" who is very kind to all in the pride. Sandro is very interested in learning who he is. Jarvis is like a like a 'super hero' to him, someone who wants to look up to. Jarvis became the only lion in the pride who is very close to Sandro (except, his bestie Kali of course). He basically follows him anywhere, except when Jarvis has to return to his guard duties. Jarvis did not mind the cub's company and eventually, sooner or later, he accepted the little cub under his wing, always looking after him. Sandro appreciates it a lot and will forever remain loyal to him.


Kali: Anglewolf15 (C).

Reem, Sun Pride: TheRainbowBandit(C).

Jarvis: WildFire(C).

Kopa, Nirmala, Rafiki: Disney(C).

TLK Relation(s): Was discovered in the Pride Lands by Rafiki, cured and healed by Nirmala at the Tree of Life, accepted in Simba and Nala's son and daughter's pride (The Sun Pride), has a close bond with Reem (Simba and Nala's daughter).




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Haha thank you both! :NalaHeart:

May 16, 2020
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Ugh, I just want to cuddle him :KiaraLaugh:

May 16, 2020
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I feel like he and Kali will get along really well. So adorable :VitaniSmile:

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