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Saabira (S15)

Saabira (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Saabira (S15)

Name: Saabira.

Name Meaning/Origin: Arabic; It means "A woman who is patient and enduring".

Gender: Female.

Age: Adult.

Parent(s): ---

Sibling(s): Sarafina.

Crush(es): Scar and Kaan

Mate(s): Scar  (Briefly), Kaan(Currently).

Cub(s): Aaila ( With Scar) and Ra'id (with Kaan).

Pride(s): Grew up at Pride Rock with her sister, left and joined the Anuka Pride to be Kaan's Queen.

Status: A previous huntress at Pride Rock, current Queen of the Anuka Pride.

Personality: Patient, charming, loving, caring, strong, watchful, protective, determine, wishful, kind, respectful, a bit stubborn, brave, likes strategizing and figuring things out all the time (coming up with smart plans and ideas), motivated.

Bio: Saabira is the young sister of Sarafina. The two joined Pride Rock when their were just small cubs being introduced to King Ahadi and Queen Uru at that particular time frame. It was set and agrred by their parents and the King and Queen for Sarabi to be bethrothed to Mufasa and Saabira to Taka (Scar). In the beginning, Saabira disliked being choosen as Scar's future mate. She wished Sarafina was picked instead, but their mother had other plans for Sarafina. She wanted her to be trained as a fine huntress and to be leader of the hunting party someday. As a cub, Saabira pictured Scar as annoying and a very spoiled-bratty prince who wants everything his way. But until then, one day, the two had actually gotten to know each other more and enjoyed each others games. That is when King Ahadi watched with joy and pride knowing that he had made a great choice, also noticing how happy Scar is finally coming out of his personal grumpy shell.

In adulthood, Saabira and Scar have gotten even closer. A few months later after Simba's presentation, Saabira by surprise found out from Rafiki that she is pregnant. When she came up to Scar excitded by the news, Scar was unhappy and rejected it (although the cub is not born yet). As much as he loved Saabita, he felt pressured being a father so suddenly without warning and is not ready for parenthood yet. He knew how much Saabira wanted a family every since she baby sat Simba for Mufasa and Sarabi one time. It terrified Scar on so many levels. So of course, this had cause for their relationship to end. Saabira ended up as a single lioness and when the cub Aalia was born, Scar wanted no parts. Sarabi and Sarafina both tried to talk sense into him, but Scar still rejected his daughter.

Later on after Mufasa's death and the beginning of Scar's reign, Saabira has decided to leave the Pride Lands for good to start out a new life some place else with her daughter along her side. She wanted her sister and everyone else to come with minus Scar, but the lionesses were too afriad to plan an escape. They felt it was too risky and one of them might get Killed or caught by Scar. So Sabbira bravely snuck out at night alone with her daughter and made it out of Scar and the hyneas watchful eyes. After some more time. Saabira had met another male lion "Kaan" who is a King. She'd found love once again and granted him a baby boy "Ra'id". At Kaan's pride, Saabira becomes a beauitful Queen and lives a great happy life under no worries nor stress.

Often times Sarafina comes across her mind and someday she does plan to return to the Pride Lands and visit.


Base(s): Truelightportal(C), DA.

Kaan, Ra'id, Aalia, Anuka Pride: Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): Sarafina's sister, old mate to Scar, Lived at Pride Rock, Nala and Mheetu's Aunt, great aunt to Kiara and Kion,a friend to Sarabi and Mufasa.




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