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Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Rutendo

Name: Rutendo

Meaning: "Faith" in Swahili

Nickname: Ru

Breed/Type: Lion

Gender: Female

Mother: Kiara (deceased)

Adopted Mother: Nala (c) Disney

Father: Kovu (c) Disney

Adopted Father: Simba (c) Disney

Siblings: Tendaji, Kato, Akosua (c) Me

Half-Siblings: Unknown/None

Adopted Siblings: None

Crush(es): Imamu (c) Me

Crusher(s): Imamu (c) Me

Mate: Imamu (c) Me

Ex-Mate: None

Cubs: Expecting

Adopted Cubs: None

Friends: Nala, Simba, Imamu, Tendaji, Akosua, Sarafina, Sarabi, Bamidele, Adanna, Kopa, Open

Enemies: Kovu, Hyenas, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Outlanders, Mean Lions, Kato, Open

Personality: She is sweet, kind, and caring, basically like her mother, except not as rebellious. She tends to follow the paths of others, except her brother Kato. She tries to see kindness in the world, despite what has happened. She is generally playful, except when she is scolded. She is a bit sassy around her friends, but is mostly quiet.

Likes: Stories of Kiara, Butterflies, Akosua, Nala, Simba, Adanna, Imamu, Cubs, Playing, Friends, Kind Lions, Exploring, Having Fun, Talking, Happiness

Dislikes: Stories Of Zira and Scar, Hyenas, Kovu, Kato, Nightmares, Bullies, Lightning, Fire, Sadness, Death, Storms, Stampedes

Pride: Simba's Pride

History: On a dark night with only the light gleam of the moon and the stars above, Kiara was about to give birth to her second litter, but she hd no idea that it would be her last. She gave birth to two cubs, twin boys, and she thought it was over. But then, another cub came. During the procedure, she died from loss of blood, leaving her twins boys and their little sister without a mother. King Kovu was distraught, and began to ignore his new offspring. Vitani tried to cheer him up, but it didn't work. Nala decided to take in her grandchildren and raise them. When it was time for them to be shown to their kingdom, Nala asked what name Kovu wanted for the girl, since Kiara had named the two boys before she died. He wanted to name her Laana "curse" because of what she had done to him, but Nala wouldn't have it and named her Rutendo.

From the day she was born, Nala has been the only mother that Ru has known. She raised her on telling her stories about her courageous mother, and she idolized her, but she was often bullied by her older brother, Kato, as he was angry at the fact that she was the reason he had no mother. But, her oldest brother, Tendaji, stood up for her, and became her best friend. Her sister, Akosua backed up Kato, as she had loved Kiara, but she was taken away from her, although she was more blunt about it, and not as violent as Kato. Then, a few months after she was born, Rafiki fortold that Kato had a darkness inside of him that could threaten the whole pride. Simba took this seriously, and told Rafiki that they would drive him out, but Rafiki said what he had to to.

"You must leave him, Akosua, Kovu, and the others that are like him. Take only who you need."

When he told Nala, they took action, and in the middle of the night, they left their home with Ru, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Bamidele, and a few others, leaving Tendaji, Kato, Akosua, Adanna, Imamu, and the others. They went to Malka's Pride, who accepted them as members. They stayed there for a year or so, and listened to news that Zazu brought of what was going on, but the news was bad. Kato had taken over as king, driving out the other male lions, including her brother, Tendaji. Then, when she was an adult, Ru decided that she would infiltrate her brother's rein, and destroy his tyranny once and for all. She led the lions and lionesses that had come with them, plus a few for backup.

They first went to the jungle and stayed there for a few days. Then, she discovered Tendaji, and found out his story. Kato had become so mad with power that he drove out all the males that could upset his Kingship, including Tendaji, who was his biggest rival. Ever since then, Ten had been living in the jungle. Ten thought that they had left, then been killed, but it was just a tactic that Kato had come up with to weaken his brother in battle. Ten joined their rebellion, and they headed strait for Pride Rock. There, they confronted Kato, who was reluctant to give up his position. Then, he betrayed Akosua, and she turned against him, joining the rebellion. He got into a fight with Ten, and almost killed him, but he was quickly overtaken.

Then, Kato was thrown into a fire that had started when lightning struck a dead tree. Soon, the fire was gone, as was Kato. Akosua begged forgiveness from Ten, to which he accepted her. Then, Kovu saw the error of his ways, and apologized for neglecting his cubs after Kiara had died. He gladly gave the throne to Ten, as did Simba, since he had become ruler ever since Kiara had died. Soon, life was perfect, and she could've died happily, but then she remebered Imamu. He had been kicked out of the pride when Kato took over, and no one had seen him since. She asked for the direction he went and was pointed towards the Outlands.

She looked for him, searching. Then, she was confronted by a male who was looking for food. Seeing her as competition for the small rations, he attacked. Luckily, she had been trained by Nala in fighting and hunting, and she easily overcame him. She asked who he was to which he replied as Imamu. At first, she thought he was lying, but then she found out it actually was him. She was overjoyed, and they mended their relationship as friends. During the long journey back home, they became closer, and finally he asked if she wanted to be mates with him. She said yes, and they returned home a couple only to find that her sister, Akosua had left to lead her own life. She was saddened, until she found out she was pregnant with her first litter.

Renders (c) tytos

Theme Song: Deciding


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