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Rudo (HIE)

Rudo (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Rudo (HIE)

Basic Information

Name: Rudo
Meaning: Love
Lived during: Mufasa/Scar's reign
Age: Cub-Young Adult

Physical Description
Eyes: Dark Greeny Blue
Eyerims: Upper Dark Brown / Lower lighter brown
Inside ear: Dark Brown
Main pelt: Brown
Underbelly: Light Brown
Tail tuft: Dark Brown
Nose: Red pridelander

Body structure: Smaller and slimmer than average lion(for example: Simba)
Rendered from: Simba

Quirks Description

Physical quirks: Grins alot.
Vocal quirks: Soft but confident voice.
Habits: Acts rather charming.

Rudo is a confident and charismatic cub, he ca hold others attention for long periods of time and he is very outgoing. He is good at persuading others, and is a excellent distraction in cub games. He likes having attention, but not on the level that he tries to steal it from others who deserve or need it. Rudo is kind and loyal to his family and pride. He is also strong willed and ready to help. Sadly he is often labeled an attention seeker, which he hates being called.

Likes:  Attention, his family, girls

Dislikes:  Scar, labels, bad attention

Strengths: Good at persuasion and ready to fight.

Weaknesses:  Has a low tolerance for insults


  •   Charismatic and persuasive
  • Fighting
  • Loyalty

Mother: Sarafina
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Nala and Mheetu
Mate: None
Cubs: None

Rudo was born the same time as his sister Nala and was raised in the pridelands by their mother, Sarafina. He grew up around the influence of Prince Simba and the other males. Rudo was good friends with the prince, as they both had outgoing personalities, but he knew Simba favoured his sister Nala. He didn't mind, as he also spent time with Tojo and Chumvi as they were fun to be around. When around Tama and Kula he often got mildly insulted for being so charming, but he didn't mind it from the two of them, they were only teasing.

When his mother gave birth to his brother Mheetu, he was surprised, he had no idea she had even been pregnant. Their father was still no where to be found, but he asked Sarafina if they had the same dad and she told him they did.

When Mufasa and Simba died in the stampede, Rudo was angry and upset. He lost one of his bestest friends and it left a gaping hole in him that he would not fill in for years. Scar took the throne and everything became dark. Hyenas ravaged the lands, and chased down any lone cubs, stealing all the prey and begging the lionesses for more.

Rudo hated Scar being the king, he was cruel. Mheetu was still a young cub when Scar took over..And one day Rudo couldn't find him, he looked all over but his brother was nowhere. He told his mother and Nala, but Sarafina sadly told him she had given him away to his father, it was not safe for such a young cub here anymore. Rudo was angry, that yet again he did not see his father, and begged that his mother take them to be with him too, so they could all get away.  But she refused and said they must remain here, or they would be punished for even attempting it.

Rudo endured living there, but everyday was tougher and tougher. When he began to grow even bigger, he had an incident with Scar.. Scar had decided to chase Chumvi, and Tojo away, and he sent the hyenas to do so. But he let Rudo remain, he told him he would stay and be loyal to him, otherwise his mother or sister may end up...hurt. Rudo was outraged, but obeyed him, he couldn't do anything to stop him.

Years passed and Rudo was a young adult, still following Scar's commands, when Nala vanished, he was scared, thinking Scar had done something to her. But the other lionesses assured him that she had fled for help. Rudo then wondered, if she never found hope..maybe he was their last chance. He was a strong young male, he might be able to kill Scar and become the new king. He dwelled on this idea for days, but all thought of it flew from his mind when Nala returned. And with Simba! His friend had been alive all these years and had come home to reclaim the throne as his. A fight ensured, and Rudo joined in the fray of defeating the hyenas, Simba would be enough to get rid of Scar.

When the battle ended, Rudo approached his old friend, shocked, and a little angry he had not come back sooner, but understood why. Now that Scar was dead and the hyenas had ran far away, the pridelands soon flourished once more and life returned back to its peaceful state.

Render (c) Cub/ Killer Bee Adult head/ Me

Relation to TLK: Son of Sarafina, brother to Nala and Mheetu


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