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Created by : Azerae

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Razina

Name: Razina

Name Meaning: "Strong; Patient" in African, "Calm; composed" in Indian

Species: African lion

Age: Varies Upon Use {Actual Age: Cub}

Status: Alive

Residence: Outlands {formerly}, Pridelands {currently}

Appearance: Razina has a vibrant orange-brown pelt with a lighter cream brown on her muzzle and underbelly. Only her chin has a peach color. Razina sports a broad muzzle and a brown Pridelander nose. She inherited her reddish-brown ear tufts from her mother and her great aunt. Her body is slender and slightly fluffy, while her legs are built strong and stocky. Her claws are always unsheathed and are not retractable. She has beautiful red eyes that are accentuated by her eyerings and four dots directly under her lower eyering.

Parents: Imara {mother} and unknown biological father

Siblings: None

Other Family: Mwinyi {uncle}, Adede {grandmother; deceased}, Zira {great-aunt; deceased}, Nuka {cousin; deceased}, Vitani {cousin}, and Kovu {cousin}

Personality: Razina is gallant and incisive, not allowing others to sway her train of thought. She thinks herself to be very independent, though in reality she still has to rely on adults to survive. She is capable of caring for herself, but not to the extent of being able to hunt. She is self-reliant, meaning she relies more on her own ability than she does others. She's a young cub who just doesn't want to rely on others to care for her. Razina has a tendency to be bossy, a trait she acquired from her mother.

History: Razina was born a season after Imara returned to her original home, the Outlands. Imara wasn't too optimistic about becoming a mother, but she put up with her, at least for a while. Imara raised her until she was able to be weaned, then she didn't fool with her too much. Imara tried not to look at her too much; she resembled her, sure, but she also resembled her father more than Imara cared to admit. Unable to handle the resemblance anymore, Imara handed Razina off to a lioness, telling her to find 'her old brother', Mwinyi. Razina didn't see much of Imara after the lioness took her away from the Outlands. What the lioness thought to be an impossible task turned rather easy when she discovered Mwinyi living outside of the Pridelands' borders. Razina was given to him without much of an explanation other than "she's Imara's" and "she wanted you to have her". Mwinyi, fresh in his adulthood, was perplexed but wasn't going to leave his supposed niece without care. Razina and Mwinyi were eventually accepted into the pride after they were discovered too close to the borders. They were deemed safe and not a threat, but were kept under surveillance by guards until the King and Queen (then Kovu and Kiara, respectively) said otherwise. Razina was raised and brought up by the watchful eyes of her uncle, and the midwives of the pride.

Relation to The Lion King: Daughter of Imara, Zira's niece; Zira's great-niece; Adede's {Zira's sister} granddaughter

Headshot and Full Body were drawn by myself. Please do not use them!


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