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Raeki (BL)

Raeki (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Raeki (BL)

Name: Raeki

Pronounce: Rye-kye

Meaning: Rebel

Friends: Dawa, Mohatu, Adelie, Falme, Kama, Corilia, Maji, and rest of Jungle Pride

Parents: biological unknown, adopted into Jungle Pride

Siblings: None

Cubs:  Kuoka(son), Nane(daughter-in-law)

Other Relations: Janna's grandfather, Rani and Baliyo's great great grandfather

Mate: Dawa

Pride: Jungle Pride to Night Pride

Rank: King

Generation: Mohatu's

Personality: Raeki always stood out from his original pride. He was an ambitious lion and would not give up on anything at all costs. He was a strong lion but not like the other males in his old pride. He would always lose wrestling matches but did not get put down for this. It made him stronger day-by-day. 

Likes: Fishing, loves listening to music, leading, challenging his friends, meeting other lions.
Dislikes: Not being heard, betrayal

History: Raeki was abandoned at the den of the Jungle Pride. He really did not have any parents, he was more raised by the Pride. So lions his age were still teaching him Pride edicate. Raeki was always different than his pride. His fur color was the same but his state of mind of was different. Most of the Jungle Pride veiwed strength as what makes a lion strong. They often held wrestling matches where Raeki was always pinned first and in a matter of minutes. This makes him stronger on the inside and the out. Eventually he begins to discover pinning methods and as he went on in his teen years he began pinning some of the bigger lions his age. He eventually taught his pride the importance of the tactis. The King and Queen, Rofu and Sharalu, noticed this and thanked him heavily. His best friend Kama was future heir. One night Kama and Raeki got into deep discussion, and he was talking about leaving pride. Kama was deeply saddened but she knew he had to go. She made arrangments so he could leave. Without her, he would not have left and pursued his dream of his own pride. After he said his goodbyes, he went to the river and talked to his friend Maji. Maji told him if he was looking for a new pride she knew where he could go. Raeki was intrigued and asked where. Maji knew a lioness with healing powers, she derived from her den. She opened her home to many creatures so a lion would be welcome. Raeki agreed and asked when he could meet this lion. Maji would bring the lion to him. A few days later, Maji came with a beautiful lioness, and then swam away back to her home. The lioness' name was Dawa, she was a rogue who used the tree to help others. On the way to the Tree, Dawa and Raeki had a special conncetion, when they got to the tree they decided to start their own pride. Which is how the Night Pride began. Dawa and Raeki had a son. Since he became a King of his pride, he met Mohatu and Adelie, and their daughters Uru and Alika. As time went on Raeki became older and older, and met his grandaughter Janna. He gave her advice for when she would someday be Queen, before he passed. When Janna needed advice, like Simba, Kion, or Rani, she saw his face in the clouds and she knew he would always be there for her.

How associated with Lion King? Story involes Night Pride, Janna, Kion, Rani

Adelie and Alika do not belong to me, they belong to Wayward Angel

original picture disney


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