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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Rae

Name: Rae

Age: Unknown

Generation: Zira's

Gender: Female

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Zira (c) Disney and Isoba

Crush/Mate: Adeola

Cubs: None

Personality: Unlike her sister, Rae is a kindhearted spirit. She is friendly and forgives easily, also looking for a way to brighten the situation. She is very open-minded and a great speaker, also willing to listen to what others have to say. Always sticking up for others that need help, she hates using violence to get what she wants. She views herself as a giver not a taker.

History: Rae and Zira were born to their parents a year after their elder brother, who was out travelling at the time. The two sisters lived in tranquillty for quite some time. When their older brother returned, the two were at first shy and slighly apprehensive of him, as they didnt know him properlly. Though in days Rae and hr sister grew to love him, and he adored his little sisters right back. The family was happy together nothing could change that.

That was untill the day their parents told them some news..

Rae was going to be betrothed to a future king from anougher pride, Isoba and Zira did'nt like this fact. Isoba because it was his little sister, he was protective of her. Zira, was slightly jealous, but  it was mainly because of she didnt like the idea of her and her sister being parted in the future.

One day, when Rae was out playing with Zira in the savanah, a bullet whizzed by and cut a notch in her sisters ear. It was hunters! The two sisters freaked and ran back to their family, but this soon led to tradgerdy. The hunters followed them back to the others. Quickly thier father and Isoba urged the family to safety, along the way Zira tripped, and her mother dashed back to help her. She grabbed her and ran back to Rae and the others. Handing Zira to their father. Rae was terrifed as they began to run again, but her mother had for some reason dashed back, a hunter had been gaining on them and she had decided to buy her family some time. Rae couldnt look back as Isoba kept nudging her onwards. But when she heard the gunshot and Zira's cry of dismay, she knew her mother was dead.

The family was in despair, Rae was shocked for days, re-living the day in her mind. Eventually the family pulled itself together, all except Zira. Rae hated how depressed her sister had become, and a few weeks later, Zira left her family in search of a new home. Even though she was a cub, she refused to stay with Rae, Isoba and their father. Living without so much as a goodbye to them. Rae missed her sister terribly, but couldnt afford to dwell on her second loss.

Rae was soon taken to meet with her future mate, Adeola. His pride and family were very understanding of the crisis hers were goign through. Adeola himself offered his shoulder to cry on if she needed to. Rae slowly began liking Adeola, he was kind and helpful and never rude to her. Even Isoba trusted him, he stopped being around to keep an eye on them after awhile.

Finally happy she was turning her life around, Rae grew up with the pride, her father and brother came too, she didnt want to part from them. By the time Rae and Adeola became mates and the new king and queen of the pride, the two were madly in love.

Relation to TLK: Zira's sister.

Base (c) Me

Designed by Killer Bee ^-^ Thanks so much :D




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Thankies Buddeh :"33 Chu make me blush! X"D And yush DD: Tragic is mah specially~

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Ermergerd =""D This girl's amazing ^3^ I love the bio ya gave her,poor girl,such a tragic past ;3; *sniffles*
Still,she's incredible x3 *faves*

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Nice girl.^^

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