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Radhi (HIE)

Radhi (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Radhi (HIE)

Basic Information

Name: Radhi
Meaning: Satisfied
Lived during: Simba's reign
Age: Depends

Physical Description
Eyes: Blue
Eyerims: Upper/caramel brown lower/pale cream
Inside ear: Caramel brown
Main pelt: Dark cream
Underbelly, paws : Pale cream
Tail tuft/mane: Brown .
Nose: Dark pink outlander

Body structure: Strong and muscular, well nourished.
Rendered from: Kovu

Quirks Description

Physical quirks: When lying his eyes flick all over the place.
Vocal quirks:  Voice has a deeper tone.
Habits: None

Personality: Radhi is a very kind heartened lion, though he acts tough because of Zira's lessons. He is a very open about his friendliness though and hates picking on others. He only wishes to use his strength for the right things and hates pointless violence. If he doesn't like something, he will most likely be up front about it and is always honest, he hates lying..not just because he sucks at it but because he is being dishonest.

Likes:  Huru, Mega, Hokori, Pridelands

Dislikes:  when his parents had to split, The Outlands

Strengths: Fighting skills, honesty, just morals

Weaknesses:  Sucks at lying


  •   Fighting abilities
  • Kindness
  • Honesty

Mother: Zira
Father: Mega
Siblings: Huru
Crush/Mate: Hokori (c) Killer Bee
Cubs: None

Before Zira was exiled, Mega had been visiting Simba, and he and Zira fell in love. The two had cubs, Huru -who was the eldest- and Radhi -the younger. The small family lived happily for some time untill Zira got exiled, Radhi never found out what for. Huru stayed with Zira while Radhi stayed with mega and they switched every once in a while. Because of this, Radhi and Huru rarely had times they stayed together, but sometimes they stayed in the same place at once. Radhi hated staying in the Outlands, it was so dry and there was less food and Zira's other cubs always just wanted to play fight instead of play other games. He prefered the times with his father as his mother began to act weird and everytime he went over she would rave and rant about revenge on Simba. Huru stayed more with Zira because of Radhi's reluctance and it worried him.

In the Pridelands, there was a female cub by the name of Hokori, she was a loner type of cub-ever since an incident with the royal cubs and the Elephant Graveyard. He wanted to befriend her as she was always alone, but she never let him.

Still Radhi got trained to fight by Zira and he grew up strong, but he secretly vowed to never use his skills against the Pridelanders or the royal family. They were his friends and he would not raise a claw against them. It got to a point that Radhi could no longer stand visiting his mother and the Outlanders and told her he was not gonna to return after this again, he could not live like this anymore, switching between homes, to a place where everyone had grown to be cruel and wanted nothing but to kill Simba and take over the throne.

The only reason he was allowed to leave alive was because he was Zira's cub, she could not order her lionesses to harm her youngest child. Even if he had basically betrayed her. Radhi left with his head held high, the last thing he said to Zira was."I love you, but I cannot help you. Not with this." Zira didn't say anything which broke his heart, but he refused to let it break him. The Outlanders nicknamed him as the 'Rebel' and that is what they referred to him from them on.

When the war with the Outlanders broke out, Radhi unlike his brother, got involved and fought for the Pridelanders. When Zira and Kiara fell down the gorge and only Kiara survived, Radhi was sad for losing his mother even more than he already had, but he learned to move on. Life was going good again, the Outlanders joining them and Radhi could finally spend more time with his brother again once more.

Suddenly, Hokori began to talk to Radhi willingly , each day talking more and more, and Radhi couldn't help but fall in love with her. Hokori told him all about her troubles and fears, and he listened and gave advice afterwards. One day she asked him if he liked her, he tried to deny it but his terrible lying skills gave him away and she surprisngly nuzzled him with a "I like you too" After that, they became mates and Radhi couldn't of been happier, she seemed happier too.

Render (c) Killer Bee

Relation to TLK: Son of Mega and Zira.


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