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Created by : Priya

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Paris

Personality: Polite and by the book, Paris is cool-headed but can doubt himself at times. He struggles with the image of his father, fearing that he won't be able to live up to the greatness of his father. He is somewhat naive in the sense that he believes if he does right by others then they too must do right by him.

Relations: Nala (mother), Malka (father)

Basic Information:

Paris was secretly born into the dying Pride Lands while Scar still ruled as King to Nala and the wandering Malka. His mother initially had plans to leave the pride lands behind for good but couldn't bring herself to abandon her mother and the other lionesses. She thus gave Paris away to his father, who took the young cub away into the lands of a southern pride where he had settled. Paris grew up without a mother happily, because the pride was exceptionally large and he had many cubs to befriend and many lionesses who could look after him.

Paris still experienced some discomfort as he got older- he was not nearly as aggressive or hot-headed as the other adolescent males and as such he was often mocked for being too soft. The older he got, the more pressure he came under as his father became the most feared and respected leading warrior to the pride. Paris had no interest in such things but had to occasionally partake in learning about it all to appease his father.

When his father retired, Paris found himself being promoted to one of the top ranks. This caused a great rift between him and the pride's guards and warriors, all of whom had much more experience as well as ambition to succeed in the position he held. Paris, the ever-doting son, accepted the position and tried his very best to fill his father's shoes, which was no small feat. He was eventually tasked with a secret mission to retrieve a warrior from the pride that had been presumed dead, but was merely being held elsewhere. He managed to achieve success in the mission, though he caught a sickness along the way. This, coupled with his textbook coldness to his warriors was enough to help fuel a mutiny.

Paris, already half dead because of the disease, was thrown into a river. He managed to stay afloat for some time and was later found by other lions who helped him back to their den and got him back to health with the help of a baboon named Rafiki. Paris awoke to find himself in the pride lands, and met his mother and half siblings  (although he did not know he was related to them). He is still debating whether or not to return home.


  • He only has a hair tuft on one of his ears.
  • He has a very fluffy/rounded face and full cheeks.
  • He was partially inspired by Count Paris, from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
  • He is not at all stubborn or blindly faithful, as he will change his mind quickly if presented with enough reason.
  • Despite being the son of Nala, he does not in fact know this as his father never mention his mother to him, and when he meets the queen who looks so much like himself, he attributes it to coincidence.
  • Nicknamed "Cold Face" behind his back for nearly never showing any emotion on his face. 
  • I imagine his voice to resemble Martin Freeman. 

Character Summary - Relation:

Paris is the son of both Malka and Nala, and eventually as an adult he manages to end up in the Pride Lands where he meets his birth mother and other half-siblings, Kiara and Kion.

Credit to NightRose for the beautiful design!

Original photos belong to Disney! 


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Thanks Kuku!

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i really love this lion! such a cool idea! :MufasaBigSmile:

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Thank you for the kind words :VitaniSmile:

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I love his profile! You did a really good job on him :)

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Oh my! O: Thank you for making him a must-see! I’m honored!

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Thank you! I’m really in love with him :NalaHeart:

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You did an amazing job. Glad he's up:SimbaHeart:

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Thank you both so much ^.^

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I agree, excellent job. He is quite handsome and I like his story. :)

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Nice job on him! Excellent bio and images ^.^

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