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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

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Detail Oyanna~(S15)

Name: Oyanna.

Name Meaning/Origin: Oyanna means, "Uplift and to insipre". Its origin is "Kikuyu".

Gender: Lioness (female).

Age: Teenager (This is her current age inside of my wattpad fan fic!).

Parent(s): Mother (unknownly named)- deceased. Father is also unknownly named and is not around (So in other words, she does not know her father!).

Sibling(s): Amne (sister).

Status: Born a Pride Lander, currently known as a Outsider.

Pride(s): Pride Rock (Born and raised, left at adolescence). Amani Pride (Very briefly, not a long stay). Zira's Pride (Finished adolescence years up to adulthood in the Out Lands).

Crush(es): N/A (Please DO NOT ask!)

Mate(s): N/A (Please DO NOT ask!)

Cub(s): TOO SOON!

Personality: Challenging, curious, sometimes daring, very disciplined towards her sister, fair, focused, high-minded a bit, honest, very loyal to Zira, mature, and protective over loved-ones.

Short Bio (I am still learning her character in my book! Be mindful that this might be updated more than once as I continue to write her storyline in my fan-fic): Oyanna is Amne's big sister. She was born and raised at Pride Rock during Scar's terrible reign. Life growing up there of course was less fun and enjoyable, but her and Amne did not let it stop them. Although, their mother kept a very strong eye on them, the sisters still figured out a way to play cub-like games inside the den.

At the start of her teenage years, something drastically happened and it had changed her and Amne's lives both forever. Their mother died so suddenly. She was ill and due to the bad environment that they were living in, she could have perhaps capture a sickening disease. The sisters did not want to continue living in the Pride Lands. It would remind them continuously of their mother, since that is the place where she died in. Young adult Nala at the time pleaded them to stay and promised that her and young adult Simba (who freshly just became King after out-ruling Scar at this time) would work something out for them in the pride.

Oyanna and Amne both declined the offer knowing that leaving Pride Rock is the best move for them. They wanted a fresh, clean start. All they ever known of the Pride Lands is bad vibes, every since they were born due to Scar and his minions (hyenas). So, they gave the new King and Queen their final goodbyes and left. Never once they've turned their backs or changed their minds.

While on the move, they ran into Scar's mate Zira, their small son Nuka, and some other lionesses who were from Pride Rock too. Zira told the sisters (Oyanna and Amne) that Scar was killed by Simba and that Simba forced her out of the Pride Lands because he did not trust her around the pride. He figured she would harm him or others under Scar's honor. The lionesses left because they wanted to follow Zira. In their eyes, they've felt she was a good supportive Queen to Scar and did all that she could under his ruling. They still see her as "Queen" to them.

Similar like, the group too did not have no place to go. After the sisters explained to the group and Zira of the reasoning why they've left the pride, Zira automatically accepted them in. She knew how young they are and know that they wouldn't even last a day out on their own. They could make a good use to her someday.

After a couple of days and weeks of traveling, the group come across another pride; The Amani Pride. Amne meets her first interest here, one of the King's sons "Prince Hami". Oyanna keeps a protective eye on the pair and does not warm up to Hami so quickly yet.


~Picture Credit(s): Top and Bottom Shots- PiperInle (C) Deviant Art.

~Character Credit(s): Amne, Oyanna, Hami, Amani Pride (Belonges to Me!). Link:

Oyanna's Relation(s) To TLK: Born and raised in the Pride Lands, a member of Zira's Pride, currently stays in the Out Lands.



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