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Created by : MissBlueEyesxx

Main type : For Roleplaying purposes

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Oddette

Name:  Oddette

Age: 1 (young lioness)

Fur colour: white and blue

Breed: white lion X ???

eyes: deep violet

Character: Odette is a strong and independent lioness , she can hunt kill fight etc., she does sometimes feel insecure in her history and hates the fact that her family actions constricted her as exile and a outlander , she wants to prove herself and make her farther proud of who she is  and bring her family name back to the pride lands , but as soon as others here “outlands” she is judge and rejected , so she usually keeps it s secret , although she sounds very serious and driven to dedicate her life to be accepted , she is fun at the same time, she's sarcastic and has a sense of mystery and  adventure


Family: none

Siblings: unknown

cubs: none

Mate: none

Crush: none


Ajack– her farther, one who was greatly respected by all of pride rock  a loyal and decent lion (deceased)

Nadia– her mother a lioness of pride rock who was exiled for her disgraceful crime (don't know where about)

Joud– a young lioness whom she roamed across on restricted territory , she hunted a meal for joud and her friends and family and joud accepted her giving her a chance to prove herself

Ken—a lion who challenged oddette questioning her of reasons why she was on there territory , they didn't get off to a good start but once joud set ken in his place he warmed to oddette , they told each other a little about there past and fell asleep in company while joud and her family returned home

Hamidi– oddette isn't quiet convinced hamidi trusts her , maybe its because of her secret or just the way she is with trying to prove herself , again like ken they didn't get of the a great start and hamidi had questions to ask especially since oddette was facing up to his friend an afraid and ready to fight if needed be

(pm me if you would like your lion or lioness to be friends with Oddette)


status: wild


Oddettes farther and mother was part of the pride lands when oddette was consieved , her mother was not ajacks mate , but simple one of the prides lioness’s and ajack had the authority to mate with any one of them , but she was driven with jealousy  not being ajacks first mate drive her insane and she snapped , she killed ajack and the whole pride turned against her mentally unstable and evil ways exiling her as well as her unborn cub  to the outlands , once oddette was born , she was the spitting image of her farther, she also took after her fathers ways affectionate and kind forgiving , so her mother couldn't take seeing ajack in her cub so at 5 months oddette was abandoned on the pride lands , she learned to take care of herself and about her history from other outlanders , so she dedicated to be like her farther and to make her family name clean in the pride lands again , but that came with challenges that she had to face as a outlander




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