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Nubia {SS}

Nubia {SS}


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Nubia {SS}

Basic Info

Name: Nubia

Meaning: Gold

Age: Depends on use

Gender: Female

Relatio to TLK: Simba and Tamas daughter


Father: Simba

Mother: Tama

Siblings: Fluffy, Kopa and Kiara(Half)

Crush: Enzi(Killer Bee)

Mate:Enzi( Killer Bee)

Cubs: None


Likes: Spending time with her father, playing wiht her half siblings, Feeling free and relaxed, Sunbathing with the pride

Dislikes: When her mother had to leave, Zira, when Kopa is acting arrogant, her siblings getting hurt

Personality: Nubia appreciates life and doesnt hold grudges much like her mother, but she is rather hyper and over exciterble like her father was as a cub. She is very brave and loves having fun.


After the birth of Kopa and Fluffy, Tama was feeling lonely. So she decided to have a cub herself, but the plan went horribly wrong. She seduced Simba by mistake, as it was very dark and she was tired. In the morning she realised to her horror that she had mated with the king. When Simba awoke she told him this, while tears streamed down her face.

Simba understood what had happend and calmed her down, he told her that when the cub was born thye could only hope it looked like Tama.

But when their cub was born a few minutes after Nala gave birth to Kiara, the cub looked alot like Simba. Tama begged her friend Nala for forgiveness, and told her that it was an accident. Nala forgave them. Tama was filled with shame so she departed from the pridelands. But she left her and Simbas cub, who she had named Nubia. With Nala and Simba, she had asked them to take care of her daughter. Nala treated Nubia as her own, and shared her milk with the cub.

Nubia and Kiara got on like they were from the same litter, Even Kopa and Fluffy treated her like she was Nalas cub too. Not all of the other cubs in the pride were nice to her though. Some taunted her because she wasnt really the queens daughter, just the kings. Nubia's half brothers Kopa and Fluffy soon put a stop to the taunts. Kopa defended her while FLuffy ran to get Simba. Simba explained to all the cubvs that it wasnt Nubias fault that she want Nalas daughter, but she was still a princess and should be treated with respect.

The other cubs were nice to her after that. But when her half brothers reached teenhood, they disappeared. Everyone was saying they had ran away, because of Zira had been threatanning them. Simba banished Zira and her followers after Zira had said to him"I was only doing it for Scar!"

When Kiara disaperead one day and the pride had to go look for her, Nubia was extremely worried. But she calmed down once her Father and Kiara returned home. Nubia asked Kiara where she had been so Kiara told her about her new friend Kovu, and how they had escaped from the crocodiles together.

Months passed and finnaly Nubia was a young healthy adult, she was a fine hunter and fighter. She was lounging on the rocks one day, sunbathing when a male caughter her eye.

She stared at him all afternoon, Nubia had heard rumours about him. His name was Enzi and he was Nala and a rouges cub. Nubia thought it strange , he must be like her stepbrother. But he had never played with Nalas other cubs. Nubia took in his purple eyes and soft looking fur. She suddenly felt breathless and she found herself blushing.

When Kiara asked her why she was turnng red, Nubia flushed more. Enzi turned his head and looked at her, he watched her blushing. Nubia quickly ran off inside Priderock and hid in her den.

In the morning it was hers and Kiaras first hunt, but Kiara had to go before her. After Kiara bounded off, Nubia left for her own hunt. She hoped her half sister did good, suddenly Nubia heard louds of roars. She saw her father and Nala and running wiht the pride. Then she noticed the blaze of a fire, and it hit her. Kiara was trapped in the fire!

Nubia ran after them, but the pride kept her back. Soon Simba, Nala came back and a strange dark male was with them. Kiara whispred in Nubias ear"Its Kovu! He saved me from the fire!"

After a while Simba exiled Kovu for tricking the pride, simba had gotten ambushed with Kovu. A battle happend between the Pridelanders and Outlanders, Kiara had found Kovu and together they stopped the fighting. Zira fell of the cliff and died, After the battle Enzi wandered over to Nubia, he told her she was a realy good fighter, and was really brave. Nubia blushed, Enzi spent mor and more time with her.

One day a female lioness wandered into the pridelands, a pack of hyenas were chasing her. Nubia and Enzi fought them off, but Nubia got struck in the jaw and collasped. Enzi scared the rest away. The lioness was revealed to be Tama, who had come back to see Nubia.

The three lions headed back to priderock, But Tama had brought two males with her. Kopa and Fluffy! They had finally come home!

Later that night Enzi asked Nubia to be his mate, she accpeted. He told her about the day he had seen her blushing and watching him, he had loved her since that day.


Adopted from CubbieTaraji


Base(c) Me


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Aww thanks guys ^-^ Bumble! That means i have two charries thta people want as must sees! lol

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Your welcome Sandy i knew she would be in the hands of a good friend:)

July 01, 2012
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AWWW!!I love her bio!It's so creative!And so sweet!Oh!She so deserves to be a must see pal!I'm serious!*faves!* I'll do my best to get Enzi up.

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