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Detail Nthanda

Name: Nthanda

Meaning: Star

Gender: Female

Species: African Lion

Status: deceased

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Mohatu

Cubs: Uru

Personality: Nthanda is a very brave lionesses, she puts others above herself and acts selflessly. She is kind and thoughtful to her subjects and very protective of her homeland and family. Her willpower to survive and help others is astonishing, she never gives up on hope and has deep faith that the stars will guide the Pridelands safely. She has a mothering nature and cares deeply for her pride members. Nthanda loves the land they live on deeply and helps other species, especially young ones. She can hold everyone's attention when she talks as she has a certain enchanting charm about her. She supports Mohatu in his decisions, but if she thinks he is wrong about something she will always offer her advice and opinions.

History: Nthanda was born in a pride far from the Pridelands. Her father led the pride of lionesses, and had many cubs in the pride. She had lots of siblings because of this, some half and some fully related. With so many children, her father sometime didn't have time for her. Nthanda seemed to understand his responsibility's and duties and never complained. Some of her siblings were nice, while others weren't,  but she loved them all dearly, for their were all family. 

She grew up in peace with her pride, living in a small savannah where there was always enough prey and water. Nthanda always helped her mother and the other lionesses care for the younger cubs, and she joined the hunting patrols at a earlier age because of her eagerness.

Eventually there came a time, when she was nearly a adult lionesses, that her brothers began to squabble over who would be the next leader. Nthanda didn't understand why they began to compete with each other, they didn't seem to understand the duties of being a leader. Her father soon stepped in and told them he would chose when it was time, besides, he still had a lot more of life left in him yet. Nthanda was happy that her brothers stopped arguing about the title after this, she hated to see them so frustrated.

Nthanda wondered who would be the next leader though, she thought it would probably be one of the older sons, for they were born before the others. She did not dwell on this though, it was not for her to worry over.

A short amount of time after that, Nthanda began to feel restless in her pride. She had the urge to leave and set out looking for a family of her own. She didn't want to stay anymore, she loved her family, but she felt like something was guiding her to go.

So she did, she asked her father if she could leave to set off to find her place and though he was sad to see her go, he granted her permission. Nthanda bayed her family and pride farewell and set off on her own, smiling all the way, she knew it was not a time to be sad.

Her travel's soon brought her to the lushest land she had ever laid eyes upon, The Pridelands. Nthanda was amazed, this place was so beautiful and full of life, it felt like it was calling to her. She felt like she belonged to this land.

She made her way to the tall rock structure she would later come to know as Priderock. Upon her arrival she saw many lionesses laying on the rocks in the bright sun, and she felt like this was her home. She was soon stopped and quested by a older lionesses, who after hearing her story of traveling to a new home, took her to the young soon to be king.

Nthanda learned that this was the current queen, and she would soon be stepping down for her son to finally rule. She was then introduced to the king in waiting, Mohatu. Nthanda was captivated right away, not at all by his fur or his large mane, but by his bright eyes and his warm smile. She knew he was a kind lion straight away.

Mohatu and her talked for hours, as he listening to her story of travel and her former pride, she noticed he was listening to her eagerly, and the smile never seemed to fade. Mohatu offered her a place in the pride and she accepted, she didn't want to leave this beautiful land and this kind lion.

Nthanda eased into life at Priderock and found herself more and more at home. She loved the sunrises that she woke to every morning, the sunsets every night that gave way to the stars, the lionesses she made friends with and most of all, the companionship she shared with Mohatu.

When his mother stepped down, Mohatu asked Nthanda to rule with him as his queen. Nthanda was pleasantly surprised but she agreed, realizing this was why she left home, the stars had been guiding her to this life here. Nthanda was crowned the queen of the Pridelands within weeks.

Not everything was always so calm though, not long into Mohatu's kingship, that the lands suffered a terrible drought. A selfish lion hogged their water and Mohatu had to leave on a journey to find them water. Thankfully he prevailed and they had fresh water to last till the drought ended.

A while after the drought, Nthanda discovered great news. She was pregnant. She happily announced it to Mohatu and then the entire pride, who all rejoiced at the pride having new life. Mohatu spent even more time with her, caring for her the more time went on. He often left her in his two advisers care when he had to settle disputes among the animals in the land.

Nthanda finally gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Uru. Mohatu was delighted at having a daughter and spent more time with his mate and the newborn princess. Nthanda was proud to be serving her land and subjects by having Mohatu's bloodline carry on. She loved her daughter dearly.

As Uru grew older and bigger, Nthanda gave more and more of her care and advice to the Pridelands, proud to be their Queen.

But not everything lasts forever, and when Uru became a teenager, Nthanda fell ill to a unknown disease that they couldn't cure. She knew her time was up, but she lived on for longer than her body should've let her, as she wanted to stay with her family for a bit longer. It broke Mohatu's and Uru's hearts to see her like this, and when she finally passed, they cried for her, but did not let her death rule them, she would never be forgotten by them, nor the Pride.

When Nthanda took her place in the starry sky, she was happy.

Relation to TLK: Mohatu's mate and mother to Uru

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