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Created by : Aleu15.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Noey(A15.)

Name: Noey

Age: Cub-Adult

Gender: Male

Mother: Zira, Elena(Adoptive)

Father: Akins, Zimba(Adoptive)

Siblings: Kovu, Naku, & Nuka(Half)

Mate: Dylan

Pride: Outlander(Formally), Northlander(Currently)

Rank: Lion Gaurd(Strongest)

Personality: Noey has always been shy and frightened by many things. Even though he is the smallest of his litter mates, he has impressive strengths and don's let his size get in the way. He loves his Pride and would do anything to protect them. He's often very quitet and mainly focuses on his job and mate.

History: Noey was born along side his brothers Kovu and Naku. Zira then asked the spirit of Scar, on which is worthy of being the next king of The Pride Lands. Scar of course chose Kovu, which left the other two without no role. 

Noey had grown into a young cub with his other siblings, but was poorly fed and neglected along with his brother Naku. Noey couldn't take the harsh conditions he lived with and ran away with his brother Naku. Zira had noticed their disappearance and hunted them down. As Noey had ran as far as possibly they soon caught scent that their mother was near. Noey had noticed Naku had spotted a cave and ran in where he and his brother encountered strange lionesses. They told the lionesses about everything and promised to keep them hidden. Zira had given up as she knew they wouldn't survive and so went back.

Since the Northenlands Pride was short on Lions, Noey's brother had given him the role as the Strongest in the Lion Guard they had created. Noey loved his role, and worked hard at his job helping/protecting those who need it the most. Later on Noey had found out that his brother chose a yong lioness to join the group as the Fastest. Noey didn't really want any girls in this group and argued with Naku about it. Eventually he got use to the idea and actually enjoyed Dylan's company in the group.

As Noey grew up he gave up his role to live his days watching over the pride and protecting it from rouges. He also enjoyed helping the Lionesses with their hunting partys. Eventually Noey had fallen in love with Dylan and both of them now live amoungst the pride. Happy!

Relation To TLK: Son to Zira, Brother to Kovu, Step brother to Nuka


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