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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Female

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Detail Nika

The Begining.......



 | Name: Nika | Age: depends on use| Gender: female | Species: lion, African |

| Designer: Pawface | Other Names: Kah (by her mate) | Appearance: Most reconizable appearance traits - pointed ears, a blue feather tied into her head fur, fluffy legs and large top canines (a trait which is common in her family).  Nika is a very slim, elegant lioness.  Her face is wide, set with a pinky-brown nose and bright blue eyes. Her fur colours are tawny brown , cream and nut brown.




 | Farnardor (father), Liviae (mother), Oben ( brother), Torono (mate),  Lagiza (first cub), Dena (second cub), I (adopted cub), Fey (her adoptive son's mate, so she is like her daughter-in-law)



 | Job: Had previously led an underground tribe with her mate, Torono, but after he disappeared, her brother had to take over  |

Fears: Losing Lagiza and I like she lost her mate and other cub, an uprising in the tribe, a traitor in the tribe | Likes: having enough to eat and drink, a content tribe|

Dislikes: baboons, some of the lions in the Pride of Peace, the Pridelands and the Outlands

| Personality:  brave, strong-willed, caring towards her family, used to be very sweet but unfortunately after she lost her mate and cub, Nika lost her mind and became bitter and unpredictable.



Nika was one of three cubs in a tribe called the Cumani Tribe.
When she was 3 months old Nika and her youngest brother were playing quite a distance away from their mother (whose attention was being focused on her first cub, Oben, who had been stung by an African bee) at the time, when they accidentally ran into a tribe of hunting natives.

The natives caught Nika and her brother and took them back to their home, where for 4 months they raised them and were played with by the tribe's children (hence the feather, which was put into her head fur by a child's parent after she hunted down a hornbill (her first prey)).

Throughout her life with the natives, Nika kept trying to get away and find her tribe and family again, unlike her brother, who was actually enjoying the human attention he  was receiving.

One night, Nika (after telling her brother of her plan and wishing him good luck with his chosen life) managed to steal away.
After two days of mindless wandering, Nika came across her aunt and some other lionesses, who took her back to the rest of the family.


Time passed and Nika grew into a fine, strong lioness. She became the mate of her father's general (Torono) and they both had two healthy cubs whom they named Dena and Lagiza.
Everything was perfect for her, until sadly one hot afternoon when the lands were suffering from hunger, a troop of starving adult baboons entered Torono and Nika's underground home, hoping to find something to eat.

Eventually they found Nika's nest with the cubs inside alone (Nika had gone out to drink). Not caring what they ate (being so ravenous) one of the baboons grabbed Dena while the other tried to go for Lagiza.
Luckily Torono and Oben, who had been passing the den entrance, smelt the baboons and dashed inside. The fight was short, Lagiza was saved and the baboons were chased out, but unfortunately Dena's captor ran off with it's prey.

Blinded by fury, Torono raced after the troop while Oben looked after Lagiza and waited for his sister to return.
Night fell and there was no sightings of Torono and Dena. Nika and Oben sent out patrols to look for them, and even Nika herself lead five, taking her son Lagiza on every one of them.
As week after week passed, Nika slowly began loosing her temper more often and worse, her mind.

She became often depressed and made the lions around her (including her older brother) fear her. Until one night she called her brother to her and in her insanity and desperation asked him to find her a cub to replace Dena.
So on that same night Oben unwillingly ventured into the Aben Pridelands, where using his stealth and intellect, returned with a tiny black cub whom Nika named "I".


Relation to The Lion King: Before her mate disappeared Nika's tribe were friendly towards most prides. But after she went mad Nika made enemies with most of them - including the Pridelanders and the lions of the Outlands

Art (c) Pawface


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