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Detail Nida

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."


Name: Nida

Meaning: Noble Lady

Gender: Female

Appearance: cream colored lioness with lighter underfur and paws as well as a lighter nose tip. She has darker ear rims, blue eyes, and a cream-colored tail tuft. She is a bit more muscular than most lionesses and is very long.

Parents: Suki and Nephelhein

Siblings: Sinan (half-brother), Hemsa, Shanasa

Mate(s): Vashkartzen (in name only)

Cubs: none

Personality: Nida is an extremely selfish lioness. She grew up being taught that she always had to be perfect. This ceaseless iteration has stuck to her through the years, causing her to hide her true self away behind a mask of calm and perfection. Because of her father’s teachings, she has learned to put herself above all else, and is willing to let others suffer so long as it keeps her safe. She will never admit that she’s wrong because that makes her appear as if she’s incorrect and cracks away at her persona of perfection. She never apologizes for what she’s done if it’s served her interests, despite the damage her actions might have caused others. She’s rather power-hungry since she knows that positions of power typically guarantee safety. She is a firm believer that the ends can justify the means, no matter how devastating. She’s also somewhat of a coward. Through her selfishness and consistent need for self-preservation, she is constantly on the lookout for herself and willing to throw any lion under the rhinos if it means keeping herself safe. Nida is not nearly as emotional as one would assume. Her warrior upbringing taught her to simply not feel much for others. When her father dies, she shows no signs of distress other than disappointment (as he had been arranging a good match for her than entailed much power) but otherwise moves forward and thinks of ways to reestablish herself on top. She is a very convincing lioness with a silver tongue and can be a great actress when called for. Since she was the only one of her sisters still around to see the birth and subsequent growth of their half-brother Sinan, she has learned to hate cubs. She has no interest in having them because she doesn’t like the idea of “wasting” her life raising someone else when she could be enjoying said life by herself. Her biggest issue is that Nida has, to some extent, begun to believe her own lies of her perfection, ignoring any pressing issues she may have because she simply refuses to acknowledge them.

History: Nida was born into a very rigid family. During her early cub days, she, like her younger littermate Shanasa was shocked by the cruelty that their father displayed. She was very much in tandem with her sisters that staying in this pride was simply not an option. As soon as they were able, Nida and Shanasa were subjugated to various rigorous tasks and training sessions by their father who claimed he wanted to see them become the best. One day, he left them in the paws of their eldest sister Hemsa who was meant to be training them in his stead. Hemsa instead took them out to play. For a reason still unbeknownst to Nida, when they returned, she told her father of what Hemsa had really done. He punished both Hemsa and Shanasa. The former for not doing her job and the latter for not having told as well but showed Nida some kindness and praise. Nida soon began to crave that treatment that only following orders whole-heartedly could be gained. She soon turned into her father’s mini-me, whilst her sisters turned away from her for doing so. Nida’s listening to her father was initially driven by his praise to her for doing so, but as she grew turned into a means by which she could keep herself safe. Out of all her sisters, she was the only one who saw the true cracked form of their father and understood that he could break at any moment. This led the young lioness to further seek his favor. He taught her everything she knows, and she listened and trained and never once complained because she knew the skills he taught would serve her well. Nephelhein was so impressed by Nida that he told her he would seek out a suitable match for her in a neighboring pride. After some negotiations, it was agreed that she would become the future queen and bring the two prides together as one. One day shortly before her ceremony and rise to power, Nida was tasked with a night patrol. On the patrol, she spotted a strange male lion hiding out in a cave near the flowering fields. She immediately reported back to her father, who went to check the issue for himself and tasked her with staying put and protecting their home. Her eldest sister Hemsa awoke after hearing the commotion and left, telling Nida that she would help their father on the off chance that he needed assistance. When dawn broke, Nida found that her younger sister Shanasa had fled with the intruding male, and that her father had been thrown into the raging rivers by her older sister Hemsa. Initially enraged by the news, Nida quickly composed herself and bid Hemsa farewell despite their mother’s breakdown. Nida then convinced her mother to travel alongside her and find a new home. Soon enough, the two lionesses journeyed into a jungle where a small pride of lions resided. Nida initially meant to convince the crown prince to wed her, but found him too old and “soft-hearted”, so instead she convinced her mother to become the princess. Still in some shock from the abrupt abandonment by her sisters, Nida met a young lioness named Sapphira. Nida took the young lioness under her own wing for a while and grew to somewhat care about her. When her mother gave birth to her half-brother Sinan, however, things took a turn for the worst. Being the only one her broken down mother trusted, Nida was tasked with raising the young prince, and she hated every moment of it. When on a hunting trip she discovered some male lions roaming the lands, she talked them into taking the pride and promised them the chance to rule, so long as she did it by her side. She has never admitted that she was the cause for the attack, but Nida was the main reason why the rogue males found the hidden jewel of a jungle in the first place. When the three rogues took over, they killed the crown prince and the king. Nida, in a fleeting moment of kinship, helped her younger half brother escape. Months later, the three rogues were ousted by a much more intimidating foe by the name of Vashkartzen. Seeing that her position of power and safety was in danger, Nida helped him defeat the males by rallying the pride against them, and when they were gone, she struck on a feigned mask of kindness and thankfulness for Vash. With a few sweet orders and the good word of her half-brother (who only remembered her single moment of kindness way back when) Vashkartzen agreed to have Nida become his Queen. The two did not get along well once Nida’s mask crumbled. Her king found comfort in the arms of her old friend Sapphira, who Nida resents for stealing away Vash. While she does not love him, Nida knows that she wields much less power without his love and support for her. Still, she had learned to accept Sapphira’s entanglement so long as neither she nor Vash attempt to take her position as Queen away from her. As time passed, Nida realized that without an heir she could easily be in danger. Paranoid, the pretty lioness hatched a conniving plan to get her power back. She planned to produce an heir, but was unable to conceive. When Sapphira became pregnant and had to leave the pride for some peace and quiet, Nida went with her under the guise that she would hunt and help her to deliver her cubs. When the night came, Sapphira experienced many troubles and kept going in and out of consciousness. Nida used this opportunity and took away one of the two sons that Sapphira had given birth to. She hid him away in a different location and told Sapphira that the lioness had only produced the one cub. She then stayed hidden away for another moon before coming back with the stolen cub Kivonce as her now proclaimed son and heir. She wanted him as King, but Vash refused, instead doting on Vladimir. Nida was able to use this injustice as well as Kivonce’s easily impressionable personality to convince the cub that he both wanted and deserved the throne, and that he ought to hate his half brother and step mother. Nida, trained by Nephelhein and having seen no better way to raise a cub slowly turned Kivonce into a very terrifyingly capable war machine. It wasn’t until Kivonce was an adult and under much danger from the fight with his brother during the ascension ceremony that Nida finally confessed to what she had done years ago in the hopes of stopping the brothers from slaughtering each other. Kivonce was shocked and angry with his mother, and it took him many moons after the fact to finally speak to her again. 

Relation to TLK: Vashkartzen’s mate and Sarafina’s aunt

Original images and background © Disney

Nida and Render © me


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