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Detail Nephelhein

"Some of the most terrible things in the world are done by people with good intentions."


Name: Nephelhein

Meaning: Divine One

Gender: Male

Status: Dead

Appearance: Tall and well built cream colored male lion. He has lighter underfur and paws, as well as a lighter nose tip. He has stunning light blue eyes. He has an interestingly shaped mane that almost spikes in appearance and his mane hairs are cream at the tips.

Parents: Unnamed Father and Mother

Siblings: 2 unnamed brothers and 3 sisters (one of which is Auni, Malka’s mother)

Mate(s): Suki

Cubs: Hemsa, Shanasa, Nida

Personality: Nephelhein is a very intelligent lion. From a young age, he has been interested in learning various skills in order to better himself. He’s a hard worker and a quick learner, but he is also very cautious and ambitious. Because of his ambition, Nephelhein prefers to achieve beyond what others think is possible. This incessant need to be the best was the reason for his departure from his own pride. Nephelhein can also be very deceitful if he thinks that it will get him his way. He shows very little love towards anyone, believing that it will be better for them not to care, because then they wouldn’t be upset if something ever happened to him and would be supportive of his leaving rather than tearful and angry. Nephelhein believes that since he is more intelligent than most that his orders ought to be followed without question. He dislikes rebellion in any form and is rather selfish. His selfishness, however, stems from the fact that he had so many siblings growing up. He had to fight for any sort of attention, approval, or appreciation from his parents who never had time for him. He can be rather superstitious. His sister’s “curse” upon him haunted him his entire life, and when one of his daughters decided to live her own life, he snapped. Lost all sense of reason, because he perceived her leaving as an intentional betrayal of him. While hypocritical, Nephelhein did not want to be abandoned the same way that he had abandoned his own siblings and pride. While he had good intentions, eventually Nephelhein’s fear of abandonment and his readiness to perceive betrayal at all times is what ultimately led him to madness.

History: Nephelhein was born as the third prince in a large pride of lions who resided in the mountains. He was the second to last cub born, and as such no one paid him much attention. He had many siblings, including two much older brothers and three sisters that his ruling royal parents had to worry about. He spent much of his cubhood hiding away from his “royal” duties and instead learned a great deal from the royal guard that his parents kept about. Combat training was what Nephelhein both liked and excelled at. Still, being the quick-witted lion that he is, into his teenage years he also took up training underneath the pride’s healer in order to better himself. When he wasn’t learning to fight or heal, Nephelhein spent a great deal of time with his younger sister Auni. The two siblings were the only ones that really got along well considering how similar in age they were. All of their other siblings were far older. The two became quite a pair, hunting and patrolling together in the safety of their parents’ land. Before he became a fully-grown lion, Nephelhein’s father passed away and relinquished the throne to his eldest brother. Nephelhein had no interest in staying in his original pride since all he would really be able to accomplish was serving underneath his brothers. His second oldest brother had by that point become the leader of the guard whilst the eldest ruled the pride overall. Seeing that his opportunities at home were limited, Nephelhein decided to flee to a land far enough away from the influence of his brothers. His younger sister Auni begged him to stay. She herself would not be granted leave by their brothers who feared her too young to go out on her own or to leave the safety of the pride. She pleaded with Nephelhein for days, but he would not be persuaded. In the middle of the night Nephelhein tried to steal away so that no one would notice him, but his sister had suspected as such and caught him as he tried to leave. Again, she begged him to stay, just long enough so that she could also be granted leave, but Nephelhein was too restless and would not have it. In a fit of rage, Auni cursed her brother and warned him that all those he would come to love would abandon him. The two separated, and never spoke again. On his way to his new land, Nephelhein ran across a strange golden lion and his daughter Suki. The male was very old and the two had apparently decided to settle down while awaiting the father’s last days to end. Nephelhein allowed them to reside inside his border with the added benefit of his protection. When her father passed, the golden Suki was extremely distraught. Needing heirs and a hunting party, Nephelhein used the young lioness’s distress to his advantage and convinced her to stay and become his mate. He promised her safety and the chance to start a family, and she being the young and naïve lioness that she was accepted. Being that she was so young, their first litter consisted of only one cub; a daughter they named Hemsa. Nephelhein disliked his child for the sole reason that she reminded him so much of his sister Auni. She had the same determination and sense of self-righteous justice that his younger sister displayed, and he hated it. In a sense, he was the harshest on her because he didn’t want her to love him; instead he wanted her to respect and fear him. So that she could follow orders but would not cry at his passing or feign tears should he send her away to forge an alliance with another pride. After some time had passed and Hemsa had become grown enough to assist in hunting and patrolling, Nephelhein and Suki had a second litter of cubs, this time producing two daughters. This was a little stressful for Nephelhein, who knew he would soon need a son to help him protect the borders of his land. He tried again for another litter, but Suki simply was not capable of having anymore cubs. To combat his ill situation, Nephelhein turned his attentions to his two youngest daughters. One of them, Shanasa, was too soft-hearted no matter how much he trained and guided her. His other daughter, Nida, however, was not nearly the disappointment he imagined all his cubs to be. She sported both his colors and his personality, and he helped bolster it with all his might. He spent any spare time he had training Nida in the art of land keeping, patrolling, and even combat. The young lioness soon grew to be his greatest pride. He even worked out an alliance with a large neighboring pride that the two would merge and that Nida would become the queen. His other two daughters became more and more disinterested in him and home as time grew. One day, Nida came back from a patrol and reported to her father that she had spotted an unfamiliar male in the midst of their territory. When Nephelhein went to check out the male in question, he spotted the rogue galivanting about with his youngest daughter Shanasa. Outraged, Nephelhein confronted the two and demanded an explanation. Shanasa told her father that she wanted to leave, but all her reasons did not matter. He did not fear much, but abandonment? His younger sister’s curse ran clear in his head, and he panicked. He would not allow such a thing. He warned Shanasa that if she didn’t want to be with her family, then no one would have her. Having heard enough, his young daughter went to leave and Nephelhein snapped. He lunged towards her, but was stopped by his eldest, Hemsa. She pushed him onto the cliffside, and told him she was sorry, before she threw him into the raging rivers below. He did not make it. His last thought was his realization that his greatest mistake was leaving his sister alone.

Relation to TLK: Uncle to Malka, brother to Malka’s mother, grandfather of Sarafina

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Nephelhein and Renders (c) Me


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