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Created by : mogo zoo13

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Nalafinra(Mogo)

* please note she was my character from my old Account, but didn't get deleted from the site with the account*

Name: Nalafinra

Nicknames: Nala,ra,finra


Gender: Female

Mom: Queen Jane

Dad: King  Jason

Siblings: None because she was the only cub.

Personality: Varies*she has a lot of different personality's*

Likes: pridelanders because they took her and her mother in.

Dislikes: outlanders because they Made fun of her and her mother and wouldn't take them in.

Mate: unknown

Cubs: Safura,Janora


great grandcubs:Saranala,Nala,Mheetu,unknown

Relantion To The Lion King: is nala and mheetu's great grandmother

History: Nalafinra was born into a pride that had an evil ruler and  he was her father.Nalafinra didn't like her father because he was constontly mean to her,he'd hit her but every time he tryed to give her another hit her mother was there to protect her.nalafinra was very sore from the hits her father gave her so she went to the watering whole to wash the blood off her arms,it hurt her do do that but she got over it and started to clean her wonds up and her mother came and found her to take her back home but Nalafinra didn't want to go back because of her father and her mother new that they had to leave their pride to go join another pride.

So nalafinra and her mother came across King Mohatu and they asked if they could please join his pride and he said they can nalafinra grew older and had cubs of her own and when her cubs had cubs she only new sarafina and hung out with her till  Nalafinra wanted to go in peace and sarafina was so sad that her grandmother died when she was a cub/teen,When Sarafina had Her Second Daughter she named her Nala after Sarafina's Grandmothers Nickname.

.......More will be in the history later.....

 head shot Base(c) me

Body shot base(c) me ( i haven't posted the base anywhere yet)



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Lioden,Howrse,Pokefarm,DA, i don't know.

November 04, 2014
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She is beautiful!

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