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Created by : Aleu15.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Naku(A15.)

Basic Information

Name: Naku (Nuh-Koo)

Meaning: Has no meaning/ Made up name

Generation: Simba & Nala reign 

Preferences: He/Him

Status: Alive

Personality: Naku shows deep pride in his job as the leader of the Northernlands lion guard. He has massive respect towards his adoptive parents and others around the pride. He is extremely outgoing and loves to make new friends as well as keeping things in order. 


Mother: Zira(Birth Parent), Elena(Adoptive Parent)

Father: Akins(Birth Parent), Kimba(Adoptive Parent)

Siblings: Nuka(Half), Kovu(Brother), Noey(Brother), Daz(Step-Sister)

Mate: Sajah

Cubs: Chaka

Pride: Outlander(Formally), Northern Lands(Currently)

Rank: Lion Guard/Future King

Relation To The Lion King: Son to Zira, Brother to Kovu, Step Brother to Nuka. 


Along with his two brothers he was born right before his mother and her followers were exiled to the Outlands, growing up there wasn't much for him to do. With Kovu being the chosen one him and his other brother Noey were highly neglected by Zira. Naku didn't want to live this life anymore, and even though he was still very young him and his brother Noey took off in search for a new home. Naku often feared Zira would go after them, but he knew deep down she wouldn't of missed them.

Naku and his brother traveled what felt like ages, until they stumbled upon a young lioness in the middle of a hunt. She took Naku and his brother back to the Northern Lands pride home, where they were introduced to King Zimba, and Queen Elena. Zimba and Elena were never able to reproduce cubs of their own, and thus adopted Naku and his brother. Naku was offered the job as the new leader of the lion guard, which he gladly accepted. Naku had loved his new role and new home, but he often thought about his mom and brother and their well-being. With Naku settled into his new home he made friends with cubs around his age, one specifically would pick on him all the time, and would act as if she didn't like him. He didn't let that bother him and continued on with his business.  

Once Naku had grown he was offered royal training on becoming a future king of the Netherlands, being so he had to pick a suitable lioness to rule beside him. He chose one of his lion guard members Dylan, who showed great pride in her job in the lion guard. 

During his royal lessons he would often run into one of his childhood friends Sajah, and although he found her quite rude to him as a cub, there was something about her that he liked. He one day asked her if she'd like to join him on one of his royal lessons, she was hesitant but agreed. Later on Naku developed a great love for her, and in knowing his brother Noey loved Dylan as she too loved him, so Naku decided to make Sajah his queen and let Noey and Dylan be happy. Naku eventually took a trip to visit his brother back at the Pridelands, Him and Noey were very much happy to see his brother brought the Pridelanders and Outlanders together. During that visit they had a surprise visitor who turned out to be their father. Although Naku was upset at his father for abandoning him as a cub he was deep down happy to get some closure on who his father was.

Today Naku rules the Northern Lands with his son and Queen by his side. He is still quite heart broken at the death of his brother Kovu and for a short time took over a King role until everyone's greving had subsided.



Original Image(C) Disney 

Please don't use or reproduce without my permission. Character(C) Aleu15. on Animation Source 2012-21

First Created January of 2012


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