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Nakato (S15)

Nakato (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Nakato (S15)

(Note: This is my universe-theory of Spotty!)

Name: Nakato (Famous Nickname: Spotty).

Name Meaning/Origin: Eastern Africa; It means 'Second of Twins'.

Gender: Lioness.

Age: Varies.

Parent(s): Mother--Aza and Father--Unknown.

Sibling(s): Twin sister, Kani (Dotty).

Close Friend(s): Nuka, Kovu, Vitani, Kheri, Tamu, and Zahara.

Crushes: Hasnuu.

Mate(s): Hasnuu.

Cub(s): None.

Status: Outsider (former), Chewa Pride member (Currently).

Pride(s): Zira's Out-Land Pride (Cub-hood to adult), Chewa Pride (Currently lives there).

Personality: Very sweet, kind, bubbly, sociable, loves meeting others, very protective over her mother and sister, compassionate about others, romantic and loving towards Hasnuu, likes to explore, independent, curious.

Bio: Nakato is the daughter of Aza and twin sister to Kani. She and her sister were both born in a cave (not with a pride) where her unknown father (a rogue) had briefly helped their mother Aza take care of them. But he shortly got tired of being a parent and decided to call things a quit between him and Aza. He is use to be alone and is not quite ready for a family. So, Aza and their unknown father had parted ways and never crossed each others paths again. So thus, Nakato and Kani both grew up father-less and never did ask their mother what had happened. As small cubs, Nakato and her twin sister lived hard lives having to travel and hide constantly with their mother. It was not enjoyable since they could not play around often without being on heavy-strict watch and rules.

Then finally with special luck, the small family had come across a desert where they run into Zira and her small growing pride for the very first time. Zira allowed for them to easily join since she noticed Aza had two cubs along with her. Zira knows that a single mother should be protected and cared for. Aza thanked Zira and was forever grateful, the two had even developed a close friendship with Kani being best friends with Zira's only cub Nuka (at that time frame).

In her late teen hood, unlike her sister Kani, Nakato was not so in love with boys just yet. Majority of the time she was a sociable butterfly hanging out with her friends or practicing on her hunts when her friends were not avaliable. In adulthood, after the war between the Outsiders vs. Pride-Landers, just like her sister she declined Simba's offer to join his pride and wanted to follow her sister in high hopes of starting out a new life. The two stumbled across the "Chewa Pride" where Nakato meets her first love intrest "Hasnuu" and her sister starting over her love life by pairing up with the Prince "Asad". Nakato and Hasnuu started things out slowly as friends and eventually worked their way up soon becoming mates.


Base(s): Indeh-Bases(C), (Deviant Art).

Kani, Aza, Zahara, Kheri, Tamu, Hasnuu, Asad, Chewa Pride: Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): A member of Zira's Out-Land Pride, friends with Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu.


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