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Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Nailah

Name: Nailah
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Mate: N/A
Past mate(s):  Scar (Taka) 
Love intrest: N/A
Parents: ?
Siblings: ?

Other kin
Adana = Daughter
The mother and daughter get along well, Adana being a cub is a bit of a trouble maker and can come off as sly - just like her father though her mother Nailah is a bet over protective of her and tries to shield her from the world outside the pride.
The two bicker and have arguments but that never affects how much they love each other.


Nahlia was living in the outlands as a cub untill adult hood, before the time of 'The Lion king I ' where prevously scar had ventured out and met the lioness by chance and the two being from different prides hardly got on at the start of their metting but during their first few interactions the two found they got along quite well strangly.
Scar having all the time in the world unlike his heir brother met her daily and soon the two became infactuated with each other - they became partners as younge adults.

Scar being the second born was, as always the heir of 'The lions guard' and possesed the ability to use 'the roar of the elders' and because of that he always tried to convince Nahlia that he should have been the heir of the pride instead of his brother - The brother that he has always talked Ill about, not having ever heard anything good about his brother, she agreed saying he would make a better King.

As time went on Scar's jelousy and anger started to grow, his power having fuled his hunger for power, Nahlia started to see changed in the lion, she started ask herself if it was still the same lion she met at the boarders.
Time and envy changes lions, as it did with scar, but not only did it affect him it affected the ones he loved - Scar started to take out his anger and fustrations on the lioness he had said he loved, it only started with small arguments, then big arguments and then fights...
Soon Nahlia knew scar's true self and she was devestated...he wasn't the same or he wasn't acting the same, she didn't know if he had always been like this or if he had only developed these new personality traits.

Scar soon started to plot using his powers of the 'roar' on Mufasa so he could eliminate him and become king - as the story goes his comrands in 'the lions gaurd' wouldn't go along and perished at Scar's roar ending with scar loosing his abilities.
This only made scar angrier and the conquences of being in love with this ever growing monster only grew harsher.

But everything comes to end, fortunatly for Nahlia.
Once scar spoke to Nahlia once Simba was born, he spoke with yet another plan to get the crown of the pride - he asked her to help him to kill his brother and even his newphew.
A night mare.
Nahlia refused and finally spoke her mind of what Scar has become - hearing such things, Scar broke out in a fury and attacked the lioness - 
She only escaped with her life because Scar spared it due to the fact she was going to bare her child.

After the time Simba left the pride lands and came back - Nahlia gave birth to her daughter Adana and raised her by herself.
Soon though, she heard of Scar's demise and went to 'The pride lands' in hopes she and her daughter could live safely in a pride due to the fact her own pride casted her out for baring a child of a lion outside their own pride.

Simba not knowing who Nahlia was accepted and welcomed her and her daughter.


Current life:

Nahlia lives quietly in pride lands with her daughter, staying out of most troubles and staying out of the way with her cub.


 Strong minded - Determind
Motherly and loving
+ Resilient
Snappy | Jumps to conclusions


Kingdom:  Pride Rock
Occupation: Mother

TLK Relations: 

Scar (Taka) - Past mates
Adana - Mother
Simba - Aquantiances



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