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Nadia {Az}

Nadia {Az}


Created by : Azerae

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Nadia {Az}

Name: Nadia

Name Meaning: "Hope" in Swahili

Age: Varies Upon Use

Status: Alive

Residence: Pridelands

Appearance: Nadia is a tawny-colored cub with uncolored paws. She has a scruffy hair tuft and ear rims that are like her grandmother Sarabi's. The tips of her ears are slightly scruffy as well. She inherited her red eyes and solid red tail tuft from her father and her grandfather Mufasa. She has a bright pink nose and a brown nose gradient. 

Parents: Simba {biologically} and Nala {biologically}

Siblings: Kiara {sister}, Kion {brother}, Shani {sister}

Other Family: Mheetu {uncle}, Sarabi {grandmother}, Mufasa {grandfather}, Scar {great-uncle}, Sarafina {grandmother}, Naanda {grandmother}, multiple nieces and nephews

Personality: Nadia is an extroverted, highly observant, intelligent cub who likes to figure out how everything connects together, especially family relations, hence why she always asks about family she didn't get to meet or just hasn't met yet. She's a very caring individual with a want to do right and an empathetic heart, which makes it easy for her to create emotional connections with others. Nadia has a strong desire to avoid conflict and therefore will do anything to avoid it. She also has a problem being assertive when necessary and is easily thrown off by emotionally driven situations. Nadia gets stressed in situations where she's forced to make quick decisions and she shuts down. Her inability to handle conflict and emotional situations makes her go quiet and withdraw herself from the situation. She has a habit of trying to plan things ahead so everything is structured. {Personality type ESFJ} 

History: Nadia was born during Kiara and Kion's cubhood. While Nadia wasn't planned, she was still loved all the same. Kiara was excited to get a little sister, Kion wasn't, but he got adjusted to her pretty quickly. With Kiara and Kion being older than her and having their own duties, Nadia seldom got to spend time with them. Kiara was busy running off to see Kovu and learning to be a queen, meanwhile Kion was running around the Pridelands with his Lion Guard to make sure everything was in order. Where did she fit into everything? Was she just a back-up in case something happened to Kiara? Shouldn't that be Kion, though? To say Nadia felt out of place was an understatement.

Even though Kiara was named heir, Nadia was sometimes brought along to attend Kiara's lessons, as a 'just in case.' Nadia was close to her parents and loved them dearly but didn't know how to shake the feeling of uselessness. Nadia often found her cubhood being spent with her parents or occasionally her grandmother, Sarafina, when Simba and Nala had duties that they couldn't bring Nadia along for. Nadia was fascinated with her grandmother, especially whenever she told Nadia stories of her past. Sarafina would tell tales of her cubhood, her young adulthood, how she met Nala's father, and even how she met her final mate, Naanda. She would visit Sarafina more and more, just to learn more about her life and to hear more stories. Sarafina helped her granddaughter with her struggling feelings of misplacement and not knowing where she fit in. Their relationship was beneficial and healthy. Sarafina often made comments that Nadia reminded her of Nala when she was younger.

As Nadia aged, so did her grandmother. Kiara was learning to hunt and Kion's Lion Guard leadership continued, even after he gained the scars on his face. Nadia was still an odd one out with a little bit of leadership skills under her belt, but she was learning to accept this. With nothing to really do with her time, Nadia would volunteer to take her grandmother food whenever her movement became harder to manage. While Sarafina insisted she was just moving slower, her family didn't want her to risk it. Nadia was often times the one to take Sarafina food or help her to the watering hole, or tried to find a way to transport water to her if possible. Sarafina's stories continued, though she began to teach Nadia life lessons rather than tell the tales she used to. She knew Nadia's parents were teaching her the same things, but she wanted to solidify them with her own wisdom. Whenever Kiara's hunt went awry and Simba was almost seriously injured, Nadia didn't know how to respond and briefly withdrew emotionally.

In Nadia's early adulthood, Sarafina finally passed away of old age and some health complications. This devastated Nadia but she retained her grandmother Sarafina's words of wisdom as well as her detail-filled stories. Her grandmother was a big influence on her and she fully planned to make her grandmother proud by doing exactly what she told her: To never change.

Relation to TLK: Simba and Nala's daughter, Kiara and Kion's sister, granddaughter of Mufasa, Sarabi, and Sarafina, great-niece to Scar.

Nadia was originally designed by Sleepii-Adopts on dA! 
Headshot and Fullbody were drawn by me! Please don't use them!


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