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Naanda {HIE}

Naanda {HIE}


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Naanda {HIE}

Name: Naanda

Meaning: Begin, originate

Gender: Female

Age: Depends

Species: Lion

Affiliation: Pride member in the Pridelanders (Current), Queen of the Pridelands(Former)

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Sarabi, Dwala and Diku

Mate: Previously Taka/Scar

Cubs: None

Personality: Naanda is the most level-headed out of her sisters, and thinks things through when she has a bad feeling. She is the most calm and collected as she grows older, yet is very caring to all the pridemembers, and loyal to her family. The pridelands have always been her home, so she would refuse to abandamoment if the pride had too. She is always proud and supportive of her sisters, loving them dearly.

History: Born the eldest out of her litter, she was always the ringleader of her younger sisters, with Sarabi in second. They played endlessly each day with the other cubs, always causing mischief and good times.

Besides her sisters, the cub she was closest to the most, was Taka. She cared deeply for the annoying furball, and spent more time with him than the others at times. As they all began to get older, her feelings grew, and she was the one to console him when he was left out.

Her sister Dwala always teased her affections for Taka, and Sarabi's feeings for Mufasa too.

Not all the happiness could last forever. At some point, Taka and Ahadi had argued, and Naanda got between them. In a rage, Ahadi had struck towards her, and Taka shoved her away before she could be hit. But afterwards, he was changed forever. A scar marked over his face, and he renamed himself after it, as a reminder that he had to remember his fathers rage, and the sacrafice he made for Naanda.

Naanda was upset at this, and refused to call him by Scar.

Then when they were all grown up, her sisters and friends soon became pregnant. But as seeing as Scar had changed so drasticially, Naanda was having thoughts about the idea. THis only annoyed her mate more, and he always was grumpy. She loved seeing her family and friends settling down, and Sarabi became queen besides Mufasa, the new king, after Ahada vanished mysteriusly. She cared deeply for her nephews and nieces.

When Mufasa was killed in the stampede and Scar took over, Naanda was deeply concerned. He was acting so wrong..Yet he made her his queen, something Naanda hated as her sister should've been ruling.. If Mufasa was still alife. But she accepted, only to keep Scar in check. As he let the hyenas run amock and take over, she began to see her mate as a stranger.

When Simba returne and killed Scar, Naanda was jsut glad his rein of terror was over She missed the Taka she had once loved, but was finally glad, he could rest in piece.

(More to come ;3)

Relation to TLK: Sarabi's sister

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