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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

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Detail Mzee

Mzee was frist uploaded in 2012, due to geting not only a full new bio and new image i have made him a brand new page

Name: Mzee  
Age:  Older Adult Gender:  Bull
Homeland: Pridelands  
Species:White Rhino  
Body: mzee is a large Rhino with grey skin, he has a darker eye patchs, muzzel and ears, he is also covered in scars
2 m
mzee hight image
Mother:  Father: 
Littermates: Other siblings:
Mate: Children:
To TLK: Currentley lives in the pridelands
Mzee is a grump, He likes his own space and won't share his land with anyone, He has never cared to form a herd or even have children, one of his greatest fears is another male to come along and beat him

Mzee was born to a submale and a female of his parents herd, His father had left the herd before his birth and so everyone thought his father was the herds leader and not the submale,Mzees mother knew better but didnt tell her son.

Mzee never played with other calfs , he felt the running and games pointless and just stayed with his mother, other calfs did try to play with him but he would run them off,he would soon learn wich ways worked better, this would come into play later in his life.

At the age of two Mzee left his herd and set out to find his own land, he would end up finding some unclaimed land in the pridelands , it didn't take the bull long to claim this as his own, His frist time defending his land was from a lionesss, she was attepting to hunt him ,a foolish effort, a small fight happened, while she scared him ,he managed to bite her ear so she would be missing a hole from it, she would never try again

Mzees second vistor was another bull who wanted to steal Mzees land the two scuffled and mzee ended up with a belly scar but the other bull left with many more. it wasnt long after this that King Simba got word of the agressive male he informed his pride to avoid hunting near his land.

Mzee didnt have to many issues after this for a while, the odd bull came tryed and left ,Mzee would go to pride rock when they annouced Kovu would be furture king but he didnt care much. Not long after an ex-Outlander ,having never seen a rhino, tryed to hunt him, when defending himself he managed to crack the tip of his horn on a rock and gain a scar on his eye, the lioness ran off, King Simba would then make sure all lions knew of Mzee  so no more mistakes could be made

Renders,Images, Bio and charater belong to Blazetail(me) 
TLK, : Disney

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