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Detail Mwinyi

Name: Mwinyi

Name Meaning: "King" in Swahili

Species: African Lion

Age: Varies upon Use {Actual Age: Adult}

Status: Alive

Residence: Outlands {formerly}, Pridelands {currently}

Appearance: Unlike the more dark, warm browns that his immediate family shares, Mwinyi is very pale in comparison. He shares the same white chin with Imara, as they share the same father. He sports the same headstripe that his aunt, Zira, has, only his continues on down his back and ends just before his tail. He has red eyes akin to his aunt's. He has a very regal figure, sporting long, wavy cheek fur and a luscious, long, slicked-back mane. He shares his Pridelander nose with his mother, and shares a similar chin structure with Zira.

Parents: Adede {mother; deceased} and Jamba {deceased}

Siblings: Imara {sister}

Other Family: Zira {aunt; deceased}, Razina {niece}, Vitani {cousin}, Kovu {cousin}, and Nuka {cousin; deceased}

Personality: Mwinyi is usually reserved and quiet, but has a very crisp way of speaking. From a different perspective, Mwinyi is seen as placid and stolid; he doesn't show much emotion, especially those concerning upset and excitement {he used to be more expressive when he was younger}.Though he's fairly handsome, he is not at all romantic and honestly has no idea how to flirt or make romantic gestures. Mwinyi is moralistic, but he's altruistic over his niece, whom he cares for. 

History: Mwinyi was born into the hot, arid Outlands to a young mother named Adede, and a middle-aged lion named Jamba. He was born after Zira had already been exiled to the Outlands and was 'caring' for Kovu, Vitani and Nuka. Adede was ecstatic to be a new mother; she'd yearned for her own family, and finally she got what she desired. She loved her mate and her son, both of whom were beautiful and healthy. Mwinyi grew up alongside the trio, but was often pushed aside by rambunctious Kovu and Vitani, and was almost completely ignored by Nuka.

By the time Mwinyi's mane was coming in, Adede was pregnant once more by Jamba. Mwinyi was visibly excited. He hoped for a little brother, but the world gave him a little sister instead. He loved her all the same. She was healthy, too, though smaller than what he was when he was in her position. Mwinyi swore to his mother and father that he'd do his best to be his little sister's protector, and Mwinyi kept his word for a long time.

Then the unthinkable happened. Jamba had been getting older, and finally passed away from an unknown heart condition, leaving his two children and mate behind. Mwinyi was absolutely heartbroken, but couldn't imagine how his baby sister felt. Adede was devastated, but continued on for her children. Imara didn't fully grasp the situation, but knew that something had happened to her fahter. Mwinyi was Imara's emotional support throughout, and their mother was there to help them through it, too.

When Mwinyi's mane had almost filled out entirely and Imara was fresh in her teens, Adede was unexpectedly killed during a hunt gone wrong. Perhaps his parents just happened to be on the wrong side of luck, but Mwinyi couldn't bear the suddeness of his mother's death. Imara was absolutely crushed, and immediately began pushing Mwinyi away. They practically had nobody but each other; Zira had gone madder over the seasons, especially after Nuka's demise, and eventually declared war on the Pridelands and perished shortly afterwards. Vitani and Kovu joined the Pridelands, where Vitani became a huntress and Kovu a king. Mwinyi tried to reach out to his sister one last time, offering to take her away from the source of their pain; the Outlands. Imara ulltimately refused, turning her back on Mwinyi. It was with a heavy heart that Mwinyi left his former home, and his sister, behind. He found himself at the border of the Pridelands, where he resided for a long time due to being afraid to confront the pride.

A few seasons passed, all with Mwinyi still tiptoeing around the Pridelands' borders. It even amazed him that he went so long without being detected, but he assumed he wasn't *too* close to the borders. While living on the outskirts of their pride, Mwinyi was unexpectedly given a cub by a lioness, whom simply stated the cub was Imara's and that she had been sent to find him. The cub, whom stated her name was Razina, was dropped off without question, and Mwinyi wasn't one to say no to a helpless cub, though Razina insisted she could care for herself. Needless to say, that didn't work. The two were eventually discovered by border guards after nearing too close, and were put under surveillance by the King and Queen, both Kovu and Kiara respectively, at the time. Mwinyi and his niece were accepted into the pride without much superstition, though the headstripe and red eyes did bring some thoughts back in a few lions' eyes...

Relation to TLK: Son to Adede, the sister of Zira, and Zira's nephew.

Fullbody and Headshot were drawn by myself. Please do not use them!

Mwinyi was redesigned for me by Claire-Cooper.


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