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Muraqaba (BL)

Muraqaba (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Muraqaba (BL)

Name: Muraqaba

Pronounce: Murr-ah-ka-ba

Meaning: control (arabic)

Nickname: Mura

Friends: Kitabu, Thelu, all of Jungle Pride, all of Nile Pride

Parents: Shujae(father) Jamila(mother)

Siblings: Jayid(brother), Halu(sister), Kitabu(brother-in-law)

Mate: Thelu

CubsKuangalia(son), Tayari(daughter-in-law), Laini(daughter), Hatari(brother-in-law)

Pride: Nile Pride (former), Jungle Pride

Rank: Lead huntress/Paw of the Queen

Generation: Little younger than Uru

Personality: Mura is a control fanatic, she stresses of every little thing, which makes her very careful and in a way stealthy.If there was one lion in the pride that could get away with murder its her. SHe is a super kind lioness and would protect anyone in any situation. She could get super competitve at times, which made her one of the best huntresses.

Likes: family, order, contriol, laughing
Dislikes: war, flooding, hunger

History: Muraqaba was born during Uru's generation. She was born and raised in the Nile Pride in Egypt as a princess. She was a beautiful Egyptian lioness, her coat was slightlly lighter than most and had vibrant teal eyes. Her pride was constantly at War with a southern Pride called the Jungle Pride. According to the Nile warriors, they are savage and unlion-like. During her teen years she and her sister Halu created a plan to finally solve the conflict of war. They arranged their own marriages with the two princes of the Jungle Pride. Her parents agreed to this and it was a hard goodbye to the pride, but they knew that their brother would rule well. On their long journey to the Jungle Pride, they noticed that their Egyptian features stood out in most lions. They did not blend into most of their surroundings, and they both had light ear tuffs sticking out of their ear (to protect their ears from sand). They both had a tough time hunting their food, since they would spot them so quickly. When they finaly reached the Jungle Pride, they were famished, Mura went straight to the food not even greeting anylion. Halu met her future mate Kitabu. Eventually when she was completely full her new mate made jokes around her and made Mura laugh. Being youngest, she had a lot of responsibilities and did not have time to play around. She felt normal around her mate Thelu. It took awhile but she eventually fell in love with him and gave birth to two cubs. The oldest Laini looked alot like her father, but her brother Kuangalia looked very much like his mother. Along with her sister, she is frineds with Ahadi and Uru, and has met the young princes. Mura had left the den late one night to hunt in the middle of a storm. She left her cubs with her sister and went. Their den was directly near a river so it was easy enough to hunt fish, which was what the Nile Pride is famously known for. All of a sudden, a great amount of water crashed onto the river she was in. She swam as fast as she could to reach the den. She gathered sustaining wounds that would eventually kill her. By the time she got their it was too late. Her cubs were missing, she saw her entire pride scattered. With a broken heart and multiple stab wound from floating branches she passed away. Later in her son's life he often sees her in the clouds and asks for guidence.

How associated with Lion King? She is friends with Uru and Ahadi and has met Mufasa and Scar.

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