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Created by : Esmé

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

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Detail Munir

Name: Munir
Gender: Male
Age: Depends on use
Parents: Leo x Nala
Siblings: "Fluffy", Kiara, Kopa and Zawadi (by Nala), Babu and Boga (by Leo)
Love interest: None
Offsprings: None

Personality: Munir is extremely shy and has difficulties in socializing because he learned to speak late. He has a hard time making friends, but is extremely loyal and affectionate to those he loves.

Likes/dislikes: Munir loves to be in the company of his family. Unlike his brothers, he doesn't like to explore so much, preferring to stay in the safety of his pride and his nearby family members. He doesn't like bullies or when they make fun of his shyness and his difficulty in speaking.

History: During the dark period when Scar ruled the Pridelands, Nala tried in vain to gather strength to defeat the king and his hyenas. Moving from land to land, she was unlucky when the tyrant king of the mountain pride, Malka, instead of helping her, decided to kidnap her and make a cub by force with her. Even more devastated and hurt, she managed to escape as far as she could. Without strength and close to death, she collapsed on the floor. Luckily or miraculously, Nala had the strength to open her eyes and found herself cared for by a small group of rogues. During the period when she was injured, she got very close to one of them, Leo, who was a little younger than her. She had a small fling with the young lion and soon found herself carrying not one, but two cubs - one from Malka, the tyrant, and the other from Leo.
As soon as she was able to heal and gather strength to continue her journey, she did, and it was such a surprise to find in the jungle her best friend and true love, Simba. And when she returned to her pride of origin, Nala was a panic, because after their reunion she had discovered another surprise stirring in her belly. She was very stressed and malnourished - what if something happened to the babies? And how would Simba react knowing that she had cubs of other lions in her womb, now that they were companions? In a conversation full of tears and reliving various traumas, she knew she had chosen the right lion to spend the rest of her life with when he comforted her and said he would help care for the cubs and love them as if they were children of his own blood.
Munir's half-sister, daughter of Malka, was born premature and was the first to be born in a complicated delivery. Munir was also born premature, from a calmer birth, a little stronger than his sister. Simba knew that he could not make them the next in line to the throne, as they were not his children. But the king could never hate creatures so pure and innocent, and he kept his promise to love them as if they were his.
Munir learned to speak late, but he doesn't need to speak to demonstrate how much he loves his family. He is close to all his siblings and loves spending time with his family. A while the battle between Scar and Simba, Leo appeared in the lands with his new mate, Sabini, and Simba and Nala decided to accept them with open arms in their pride. They decided that, in order not to confuse Munir, it was better not to tell him of his true origins. Babu and Boga, the sons of Sabini and Leo, are only a little younger than Munir, as they were conceived later, and the three are very close. They don't know they are half brothers - and they never will.

Relation to The Lion King: Son of Leo and Nala.

Adopted from -WildFire-, thank you so much, dear!


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April 11, 2021
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Aww thank you so much dear, I love him so much already! Your designs are always so beautiful and it was a pleasure adopting him! :SimbaHeart:

April 11, 2021
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Big bad mods.
Oh wow! This guy is an instant fave, I love what you did with him and his bio is so great! :MufasaBigSmile:

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