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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Mulligan




Male (he/him)

Sexual Orientation:



  • Unknown (Mother)
  • Unknown (Father)



Love Interest:

  • Lai (crush only)
  • Kovu (secret, short lived)

Relation to tlk:

A general in the pridelands. Had a secret love affair with Kovu.


When commanding, Mulligan is just as rough and stern as his appearance implies. He is strict with his soldiers, fierce against his enemies (from which he has earned his fair share of battle scars) and a tough lion to bring down. However, despite his rough exterior, his friends and family know very well that he's really a wise but gentle giant. As an older member of the pride, the cubs would often come to him while their mothers were away hunting to hear stories of how he got each of the scars on his body,


Mulligan was born and raised by his father in a small pride, living on the edge of the far end of the pridelands. His mother passed away when he was too young to remember, and so his father raised him as a single parent. Though he struggled at times, Mulligan a just as peaceful and happy childhood as any other cub in the pride.

His father had good ties with the king of the pride. Wanting the best for his son, he used these links to urge the king to give Mulligan a position as the pride's protector when he was in his late teens. After proving his strength, Mulligan took the position, and stayed there for many years.

At first, as many teens are, he was hungry for action. He would throw himself into any spar he could get, and would land himself in a lot of problems with troublesome rogues: one of which, turned out to be Lai.

The king caught Mulligan holding Lai down. He ordered him to spare him, and spoke to Lai himself. He was just looking for somewhere to settle down. After identifying he was not a threat, he allowed him into their small pride, but ordered for Mulligan to keep an eye on him.

Of course Lai never started any real problems, but he was an awful flirt. The lioness were not interested in him at all, but Mulligan found it to be quite amusing to watch... and cute, in a way. He had just a pinch of a crush on this bizzarely cocky lion, but was never able to express it. Lai was only interested in lioness in any case, so there was little point in trying.

As he grew older, he learned when to pick and choose his fights, and only used physical violence when absoloutely neccesairy. He remained the body guard to the king's son, after the king had died and he had stepped up to lead. But, this didn't last for long.

The queen of the pridelands, Kiara, had discovered their little pride, and approached them peacefully alongside her advisor, Wasi. They proposed the two pride's join forces, and the pride's king could become a co-ruler with her. The pride agreed, and Mulligan was given the position as the general of the pridelands, helping to train lions to fight and protect the land.

Through his position, Mulligan became a good friend to Kovu. The two were very close to each other, and perhaps a little too close at times: Kovu had a secret love affair with Mulligan, without Kiara ever finding out. It did not last long, as Kovu could not handle the guilt, but the two still held a piece of each other in their hearts.

Old and unable to fight as much, Mulligan eventually stepped down from his position and spent the rest of his days caring for the cubs in the pridelands with the older lioness, when their parents were off hunting. He would tell the cubs stories of how each scar on his body came to be, and they would all enjoy hearing every gritty detail, even if they'd heard it a hundred times before.


adopted from Claire-Cooper


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