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Mtoto (Sukalaverse)

Mtoto (Sukalaverse)


Created by : Sukala A.P.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Mtoto (Sukalaverse)

Name: Mtoto (meaning "child" in Swahili) 

First Apparition Date: 2018 

Species: Lion (Panthera Leo)

Family: Dwala (mother), the strongest of Scar's Lion Guard (father), Naanda (aunt), Diku (aunt), Sarabi (aunt), Malka's father (uncle), Simba (cousin), Tojo (cousin), Malka (cousin) 

Age/Generation: Adult, born during Mufasa's reign and over the same age as Simba. (Currently only seen as a cub for the upcoming fanfic.)

Status: Alive

Residence: Pride Lands (formely), Malka's Pride (formerly), Unknown 

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Mtoto is an orange lion with green-ish yellow eyes/retinas, dark ear rims, a dark red nose, a less fluffy head than Simba's (as a cub) and a speckled muzzle. 

Personality: Like the other cubs, Mtoto was playful and energetic. But he was much more calmer and alert to what he was told, and obeyed faster than other cubs. He was a joyful cub, until the night before the beginning of Scar's reign, when he learned something terrible...

Like And Dislikes: He loved to play with his friends and cousins, but refused to take dangerous challenges only not to be seen as a coward and "mama's boy". Speaking of this, he was very close to his mother and had a special bond with her. He eventually started being frightened of Scar, though.

Fact About Him: Mtoto is based off a character mentioned in a Lion King puzzle, where it said that Simba had a maternal cousin (the son of Sarabi's sister) named Mtoto. I made him Dwala's son. Also, he is mute.

History: Mtoto was born to Dwala without knowing his father. But it didn't bother him. Being born speechless, Mtoto only responded with "yes" and "no" with the movement of his head.

He had a normal childhood, and could probably have been a member of the Lion Guard during Mufasa's reign. Mtoto suddenly had depression the day following Simba and Nala's misadventure. He couldn't tell anyone what was wrong, or what he heard. His family tried their best to comfort him, in vain. 

But Mtoto would later be able to talk for the first time in his life and tell everyone the shocking truth... 


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