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Mkali (tripgirl2)

Mkali (tripgirl2)


Created by : Tripgirl2

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Mkali (tripgirl2)

Name: Mkali

meaning: “Bright” in Swahili

gender: male

age: adult 

parents: Nuru and Shujaa

siblings: Ahadi(adopted), Nyeli and Samira

mate: Hali 

cubs: Sarafina

personality: very charming, always trying to one up his adopted big brother, passionate about his family, very gentle with cubs

history: Mkali was the eldest of a litter of 2, born three minutes before his sister Nyeli. His parents had previously taken in an abandoned cub, Ahadi. Mkali and Ahadi grew up having no idea they werent blood related, and were always the best of friends, even if they quarreled. He was angered when Ahadi left him, saying that he needed to find his place in the circle of life. Years passed before Mkali got news of his adopted brother. He had been taken in by Mohatu and was now the future king, married to the Princess Uru. Mkali was invited to move to Pride Rock to serve as advisor for the new king. Mkali never really liked living in a big pride, although he was happy to see his brother so successful. He adored his new little nephew Mufasa, and soon he had found a mate in Hali, a beautiful huntress. Their daughter was born at the same time as the second prince, Taka. Ahadi and Mkali happily betrothed Sarafina and Taka. Mkali found purpose in raising his daughter to respect the circle of life. When Sarafina was a teenager however, Mkali was blindsided by Ahadi’s sudden death after a battle with a pack of hyenas. He was crushed, and grew closed off from the rest of the pride. He grew older and weaker, but managed to live long enough to see his granddaughter, Nala born. In typical Mkali fashion, Sarafina had taken after her father and disobeyed tradition to mate with a loner lion, Tambo, breaking her betrothal to Taka. Mkali died shortly after seeing his great nephew’s presentation

relationship to movie: Ahadi’s his adopted brother, father to Sarafina and grandfather to Nala

lineart from Deviantart 


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