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Mira*awolf *

Mira*awolf *


Created by : Anglewolf15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Mira*awolf *

Name: Mira
Pronunciation: Me ra
Name meaning: Look
Nicknames: ra-ra 

Age: Depends on use
Generation: Simba's 
Gender: Female 
Breed: Cheetah 
Personality: Chilled out, kinda just go's with the flow 
Likes: Hanging out with her friends, laying in the sun, running around and helping others. 
Dislikes: Hyenas, conflict, being yelled at and just loud noises in general. 
Pride: Pridelander

Parents: Unknown at the moment 
Grandparents: Unknown at the moment 
Siblings: Mira had a brother but he was killed by Hyenas when they were young. 
Mate: open 
Cubs: open 
Friends: Simba, Nala and all my other characters that live in the Pridelands during Mira's lifetime. 
Foes: Hyenas 
Relation: lives in the Pridelands, knows the royal family. 

Both head and body images belong to therainbowbandit 

Mira was a design prize from therainbowbandit 

History: Mira was born in the Pridelands. She was the elder out of twin cubs. One day Mira's parents were out hunting while she and her brother stayed home. Mira and her brother were attacked by Hyenas, she only just escaped, running as fast as she could to get away.

Still running, Mira looked behind herself. The Hyenas were far behind and when she faced forward again she ran into King Mufasa's leg. Mira was scared. She had never seen a lion before. Mufasa smiled at her and asked why she was in such a hurry.

Mira explained how she and her brother were attacked by Hyenas and that they killed her brother. Once the Hyenas were out of the Pridelands, Mufasa took Mira to her parents and insisted that they lived closer to Pride Rock, so they would be protected.

Mira liked it at her new home and she later found out that Mufasa and Sarabi had a son around her age who she could play with. Mira got along really well with Simba and Simba's friends such as Nala.

One day Mira heard that Simba and Mufasa were dead. This upset her very much and made her want to be with her other friend Nala. Other the years Mira and Nala were best friends, always together doing everything. Mira would do anything Nala wanted to do. They would hunt, lay in the sun or just talk and it would feel like the best day.


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