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Created by : Swashh.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail 'Mina'

Name-  Wilhelmina (Full name), Mina (Short and preferred name)

Pronunciation - 'Will-helm-min-a' / 'Min-a' 

Meaning-  'Resolute protector' (Japanese origin)


Unknown pack (Formally)

Exiles (Formally)

Pride rock (currently)

Parents / carer(s)- 

??? x ??? (Both deceased)

Personality- Mina is a caring fox who puts other before herself. If it came to a situation where someone was in danger, she would put herself there to take the force of it all. But that is only if she likes them enough, otherwise she would gladly watch unless  anything went too far. None the less she is a blunt little creature who speaks with the knowledge of a hundred elders. She uses this to help others and give advice to help people make the right choices. She likes to help lions most of all since, in her eyes, they don't realise how much trouble they cause. But she refuses to help any reptile or bird. But over all she is very selfless and kind but she can be blunt or even cold when caught in the wrong mood.

Species- Bat eared fox

Mate- None

Love interest / crush- None

Pups- None

Siblings- ​An older brother (Unknown)

History- Originally Mina lived in the pridelands with her family. But on one faithful day they were exiled after her parents turned against Kovu. Though Mina never knew why this happened, she believed that Kovu despised having the bat eared foxes living there. None the less she lived in the outlands in her small pack living each day as it came to her. But as it seemed to drag on she headed off to meet other animals. 

During one of the trips she met three elderly cheetahs; Lightfoot, Speedy and Fast-Track. The trio were nice to her and so she hung around them every now and then. As she grew up in to a teen she even began to bring them food. With this going on she had them tell her tales about King Simba and their younger years. This inspired her to be a selfless person. So she seeked their advice and where to begin doing these good deeds. After some time they pointed her in the direction of Otieno. The little bat eared fox headed off to meet him and soon persuaded him to let her be his advisor.

The fox made it her goal to be the best influence possible. So she remained by his side giving her opinions whenever he needed them. She even helped out the other exiles who needed emotional support. At first Mina was weary of Khan but soon she warmed up to him and gave him her loyalty. Then upon returning to the pridelands she continued to take her role seriously and always offered her support. As this became repetitive she soon stumble upon the three cheetahs she had met before. Mina was over the moon and allowed the trio live with her in her small cave. Every now and then her brother visits though most of her time is with Lapin who she now works for.

Special features- Her paws are quite big and fluffy. 

Relation to TLK- She's close friends with Lightfoot, Speedy and Fast-track, she was kicked out of the Pridelands by Kovu and made to live in the Outlands.


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Hello there bud
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Agreed, lovely character!

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She is beautiful :KiaraHearts:

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