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Mila (WW)

Mila (WW)


Created by : Wild Wind

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Mila (WW)

Name: Mila

Meaning: "Gracious, Dear" in Slavic

Nickname: Milly

Breed/Type: Lion

Gender: Female

Mother: Unknown; Daughter of Tanglemane

Father: Malka (c) SNA Creators

Siblings: Unknown/Open

Half-Siblings: Kriger (c) Me/Open

Adopted Siblings: None

Crush(es): Tendaji (c) Me

Crusher(s): Tendaji

Mate: Tendaji (c) Me

Cubs: Expecting

Adopted Cubs: None

Friends: Tendaji, Kriger, Rutendo, Akosua, Imamu (c) Me, Simba, Nala, Sarabi, Kovu (c) Disney, Malka, Malka's Mother, Tama, Chumvi, Kula (c) SNA Creators

Enemies: Kato (c) Me, Hyenas, Rogues

Personality: Mila is quite the sweet, kind lioness. She's always willing to help out others, and is often giving advice. Despite seeming to be childish, she's actually pretty smart weighs all options before making a decision. She can seem at times, very clingy and such, and has jumped into something without thinking first before with some consequences. She's very playful and just loves to play games. She's very loyal as well, and once you have gained her loyalty, it's hard to get rid of it, which can seem problematic. She can be a very calm lioness at times, and tries her best to be a rational thinker.

Likes: Kriger, Tendaji, Malka, Malka's Mother, Tama, Kula, Cubs, Chumvi, Priderock, Akosua, Rutendo, Imamu, The Jungle

Dislikes: Rogues, Kato, Darkness, Hyenas, Predators, Bloodshed, Fighting, Sending Tendaji Off To Fight Kato

History: Mila was born as the princess of Malka's Pride after he mated with a lioness of his pride. While his queen was Kula, she didn't mind, since she was having trouble producing cubs, and accepted help from her friend. Originally, Mila was to be the heir until Kula was to produce a suitable heir, preferably male. Malka always seemed to have time for her, and was often out teaching her how the pride worked. Though she would've preferred to play with the other cubs of the pride, she much enjoyed spending more time with her father. On rare occasions, she met her 'uncle' Chumvi and 'aunt' Tama, who were traveling rogues that visited every once in a while. She didn't spend much time with her mother though, since Kula was the one to train the royal offspring in hunting and fighting techniques for females. Sadly, when she was a bit older, her mother passed away from a cobra bite.

Later on, when she was reaching the age of a teenager, Simba and a few lionesses of his pride joined Malka's after explaining something about a cursed cub. Rutendo and Mila became fast friends, and often shared stories about their past. Ru however, didn't mention her brothers, whom she had a hard time talking about due to sadness. Simba helped Malka rule, bringing the pride up to more members.

As she neared her late teens, Kula finally became pregnant, and gave birth to three cubs, one of them being Kriger, who was now the next king in place of Malka. Without her royal duties anymore, Mila had more time to spend with family, mainly her grandmother, Malka's mother. She enjoyed listening to stories she told, and often felt comforted when she talked about her mother when she was younger. However, as Kriger and his siblings got older, it became apparent that more rogues were passing through their lands. With only three males protecting the pride, which only happened when Chumvi came around, and with Simba and Malka aging, they were vulnerable, especially when the male heir was only a cub. One day, Kriger's siblings left camp secretly to go on adventures, only to meet their deaths when the rogues captured them and killed them. Malka was depressed by the whole situation, and became mad.

Malka thought that they would kill his remaining cubs, and did the only thing he could; in order to keep his cubs safe, he cast out Mila and Kriger, telling her to find a safe place and train him to fight in hopes that one day, he would return as the king to a safer pride. Mila took on this task, and fled to the lush jungle. There, she began to raise her younger brother, training him in fighting and telling him that one day, he would have to go back home, and become king. When Mila was an adult, and Kriger was just reaching the age of a teenager, Mila met Tendaji, a male lion in the jungle. She began to grow increasignly close with him, not knowing a thing about his past, but not caring. Pretty soon, she became pregnant, and all seemed well. Then, Simba and his pridemembers, along with some of Malka's, arrived at the jungle, and asked Tendaji to help rid the lands of Kato.

When she asked of what happened in Malka's pride, Simba told her everything was better, though Malka was still paranoid about rogues. Mila convinced Tendaji to fight Kato, but due to her pregnancy, had to stay in the jungle. In the middle of the night, her brother ran off, not liking all the lions he was around. Mila was saddened by this, and attemped to search for him, but to no avail. Then, after hearing of Tendaji's win against his brother, she became queen, their cubs the next heirs of the Pridelands.

Head Base (c) tytos

Body Base (c) SixNewAdventures


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