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Maua (WW)

Maua (WW)


Created by : WaywardAngel

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Lion

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail Maua (WW)


Birthname: Her name is Maua

Meaning: The meaning of her name is Blossom.

Age: Varies Breed: Lion


Main Pelt Color: The main colour of her pelt is a light beige cream colour. Similar to Nala’s.

lighter pelt Color: Her muzzle, toes and underbelly are all a lighter beige cream colour.

Eye Color: She has a beautiful set of blue/green teal coloured eyes.

Special Features: She has darker ear rims which she inherits from her father’s side.


Father: - Her father is Kovu

Mother: Her mother is Kiara

Friends: She is a well-liked lioness and has many friends, Open..

Enemies: She has no enemies that she knows of. She hopes she doesn’t have any..

 Mate: Faraji ( sbb456 )

Cubs(s): None yet

Pride: Simba’s but the kiara’s.




Maua is a gentle soft soul. She is delicate and kind to all she meets. She is very polite lioness and loves spending time with her family and friends. She can be a very anxious at times but with the help of her loved ones she is brave enough to get through tough times.

Maua was the youngest of 3, Triplets. Maua, Jua and Uru. She was the youngest of the 3 girls born to Kovu and Kirara. Due to beimh the smalled cub she was babyed very much, also kept close and out of danger which she grew to like. She was very content with playing with her family members. It would normaly be her grandmother, Nala. She loved spending time with her. She grew up to be very similar to her grandmother. Which in her eyes a good thing. She was braver then she thought and became the cub sitter to the pride. Loving all the cubs she cared for. (more to come..)

Like(s): her family, being happy, playing with her firends and jokeing round. Cub sitting


Dislike(s): -

Simba's Relation: She is the daughter of Kovu and Kiara.


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Hey angel faraji is now up if you want to see him also I never mentioned this before but maua is very pretty

September 15, 2017
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Thank you :icon40:

September 14, 2017
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favs :icon40:

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