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Malakai (LF)

Malakai (LF)


Created by : lioness_fan(Jess)

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Malakai (LF)

"Live life to the fullest!”

Name: Malakai

Pronunciation: Mall-uh-kye

Name Meaning: Second chance

Nicknames: Kai (Kye),

Appearance: Small built, big paws, big eyes.

- Baka and Killarney’s coat colour mixed.
- His stomach, chest, paws and muzzle colouring is the same as his mothers.
- just like his mothers, his fur goes down into a darker shade, however this shade is his fathers colouring
- Inner ear colouring the same as his mother, but his nose is a mix of both his parents.
- Eye colouring mixture of Baka and Killarney.
- Tail tuft dark, showing signs of Baka’s mane.

- Looks- 58% Killarney 42% Baka

Breed: Barbary Lion X African Lion

Voice: Jeremy Suarez


Generation: Kiara’s Age

Father: Baka (SM123)

Mother: Killarney

Grandmother(s): Sarafina & Deceased

Grandfather(s): Scar & Deceased


Full: In the making.

Half: The cub that disappeared when he wasn’t born.

Crush: Nyha

Crushers: None

Mate: Nyha

Cub(s): None yet.

Role Model/Teacher: Killarney and Nala.

Relation to The Lion King:
-Scar’s grandchild
-Sarafina’s grandchild
-In Simba’s pride


Rank: Cub.

Past Prides: None.

Past ranks: None

Alpha Male: Simba.

Alpha Female: Nala

Birth Pride: Simba's



Scars: None yet.

- To be told what to do
- To be controlled
- Hunters
(Same as his mothers)

- To be respected throughout the pride and to have a big family when he grows up.

- Speed
- Wit

- Being surrounded by friends
- Being the centre of attention

- Being in charge of everyone
- Being told what to do
- Being judged
- Being pushed around
-Being lonely

Other: Malakai was born a bit after Kiara was.
Personality: Malakai has a lot of his mothers traits being independent with his ideas, he loves his own creativity and thrives on new ideas. But unlike his mother he likes attention, he loves his friends and he always wants to be with them, his best friend(Kiara) and him go everywhere together and he loves playing tricks on everyone, including his father because Baka often falls for it the most.
His mother teaches him to hunt for himself and his father teaches him every other basic, it was his father who taught him to socialize and sometimes that bites Baka in the bum because now he doesn’t be quiet.

Malakai has had so far a basic life, he was born into Baka and Killarney’s family in Simba’s pride and is loved by all members of it.
when he was born Malakai was at first neglected by his mother, Killarney had previously had a cub she got taken off her and she was afraid the same would happen to her new litter. Baka, in search of desperate help contacted Nala who had just given birth to a beautiful little girl and Nala helped Killarney’s cubs a lot in the first week of their life.
After one week was when Malakai said his first word, it was ‘Killarney’ although it came out more like ‘Karney’. This got his real mothers attention and snapped her out of denial, she became very protective of her cubs but mothered them the way they needed.

As Malakai grew into a feisty young cub Killarney and Baka watched on as proud parents, he was the first born of the litter and was always bossing the family around. He was a popular cub with a lot of friends but was barely ever allowed out of the den because of the dangers that Killarney thought he would face.
This caused a lot of fights between the happy couple as Baka believed Malakai needed to grow and learn life decisions himself, a lot of people said they would split but after many weeks and long hard talks Baka has been succeeding in Killarney’s state of mind and she has been recently giving Malakai a bit of space.
Baby steps…

As a cub Malakai had a best friend named Nyha along with his cousin Kiara and another male named Kovu, the four did absolutely everything together and he couldn't help but have feelings for the gorgeous little girl Nyha, he was always trying to show off for her and always trying to look his best around her. His mother caught sight of this and would often clean him or say she loved him in front of his friends to embarrass him. 
But Nyha and Kovu were from the outlands and when the fued between Kovu and the pride came Nyha had to leave, Kai was heartbroken, he hated being without her and would often sit by himself instead of doing the things he would usually do with his friends. 

Baka and Killarney were doing increasingly well in their lives and Killarney was becoming higher in the hunting ranks but they thought it was time for a change and so they moved into the cave next to the water hole to give their cubs a bit more freedom, luckily the water hole was close to the pride so Killarney could still be a hunting lioness and they still stayed in touch but Malakai enjoyed it better out there. 
As a teen/young adult he had forgotten all about his childhood friend, trying to push him further from his mind. Until one day when he saw a gorgeous young lioness approach him, she looked familiar and it was around the time when Zira had fallen and the prides united. She caught his eye and he walked over to say hi, only to realise it was Nyha herself. He was over joyed and the two are now close mates. 

Keep in mind(when rendering):
- the colour change on his fur.

Head base: Me

Body base: Me



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