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Malai (hs)

Malai (hs)


Created by : happystool

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Malai (hs)

What does she look like? (design by blazetail)
Malai is a light brown dik-dik with a lighter creamy-brown undercoat and darker overcoat markings. Her hooves and nose are a dark grayish-brown color along with her eyes. Like other dik-dik's, she's very small with lanky, long, skinny legs and large ears. The top of her head is a bit fuzzy too, something also shared by other dik-dik's.

What is her personality like?
Malai is very quiet and shy. She's sensitive and sweet to those around her, almost as if she was in tune with their emotions. She loathes violence, or even simple verbal confrontations. She's always on alert and her hearing is rather spectacular, leading her to become alarmed and flee rather quickly if there's a noise she doesn't recognize.

Any family?
Malai had a mother and father and potentially many older siblings, she's never met them though. As of right now, she has no mate.

Where does she live?
Malai lives in the Prideland's with an antelope herd. She previously lived with her mother and father when she was younger.

What's her story?
Malai was born to her mother and father. While she potentially has older siblings, she's never met them. Her childhood was uneventful to say the least, and once of age, she was chased out of her family's territory by her mother. She was alone, but found protection in herds of antelope. She didn't mind being by herself, but she knew it was dangerous.

Malai almost lost her life one day while wandering around by herself. This had been an error on her part, she was feeling especially irritated that day and just didn't want to socialize with anyone. While she had been alert, she didn't anticipate anyone trying to sneak up on her; another error. A leopard had suddenly pounced on her. Luckily, she was a slippery little thing and managed to get away. While she was fast, the leopard was faster. At this point, Malai had accepted her fate. Before the leopard could snuff out her life though, she was saved by a group of lions; the Prideland's Lion Guard.

The leopard was chased off by the members of the Guard. They introduced themselves shortly after the rescue; Vitani, the leader, Tazama, the keenest, Shahaba, the bravest, Kasi, the fastest, and Imara, the strongest. Vitani instructed Malai not to wander away from the antelope herd she'd taken refuge in, even for a moment, unless someone went with her. Obediently, Malai scurried back to the herd. On the bright side, she had quite the story for them, and she was sure they would eat it right up.


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