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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Mala

Basic Info

Name: Goes as Mala after she was reincarnated

Meaning: Bitter

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Relation to TLK: Is Zira reincarnated and is now a pridelander and friends with all of them.


Father: None

Mother: None

Creator: The great kings and queens decided to give her anougher chance at life

Siblings: None

Cubs: None

Crush: Ebony

Mate: Ebony


Likes: Forgetting her past life, Ebony, Taka Jr, being accepted

Dislikes: Remebering her past life as Zira, how the great kings forced her into this life.

Personality: Even though she still has traces of her Zira personality, she has changed. She loses her temper less and isnt a complere physco. She is sometimes rather sweet but she can be quite bitter.


Eyes: her eyes remain the same as in her past life. A dark red.

Nose: Black and Pridelander

Fur: Dark brown

Underbelly fur: Light baige

Tail Tuft: Mixture between gray and brown


This is what happend before her new life began.

"Zira" Was ordered to stand before the kings and queens on the past. Mufasa told her that they were giving her a new life and anougher chance. She didnt want to take it and yelled at him, hurling insults. Her eyes swam with tears, Mufasa walked over to her. He said he was sorry for past grivences. And that this life would give her a new chance at life, she could see her cubs Reuben and Nuka(who she had learned was infact alive and well with cubs) and that she could find a new love.

Then all went dark, and Zira was no longer Zira anymore.

When she awoke she was laying beside a Waterhole that she faintly recognised. She glanced down at herself in the water and recieved a shock. She was a young healthy lioness, only her eyes were the same as before. But without the mad gleam.

She grew frustrated, and remembered flashes of her past life. She began to cry and an then a lioness passed her by. She recieved a shock, this lioness was Nala! She remembered her, and yet the hatred Zira would have felt for her wasnt there. Nala asked her what her name was, She almost said Zira but then changed her mind and answered a name that she felt suited her."Mala, my name is Mala." It ment Bitter, this was how she was feeling.

Nala smiled at her and took her back to priderock, when they arrived Nala introduced her to everyone. Mala felt a surge of guilt when she saw Kovu and Simba, but then little Taka Jr wandered out. He ran straight over ot her and whispered in her ear."I know who you are! The Spirits told me." He smiled."I dont care what you did, i know you a good lioness now. They told me!" Mala couldnt help but smile at the cub, he had Mufasas Eyes and Head/Tail tuft.

Then Mala layed eyes on Reuben, and memories whizzed through her brain. She saw Reuben in Ziras arms, Reuben playing with her, Reuben comforting her when Mufasa confessed that he didnt ave feelings for her. And she saw many more, then she turned back to Mala.

Mala got on well enough with everyone in the pride, but she didnt dare tell them you she had been in a past life. She was scared of the rejection. Little Taka Jr always watched her, he liked her and saw her as his family. One day he took her to a cave, where he told her to wait outside. Then he brought out three cubs. A girl and two boys. They were Nuka and VItani's cubs, Basma, Abla and Nuke. Mala watched them playing, and when Taka JR took her back to Priderock he told her they were a secret. And that she musnt tell anyone.

Mala hadnt lost her temper yet, but then a day came when she lost it intirely. Some of the Pridelanders had been digging near Rafikis tree and uncovered something. It was revealed to be Ziras body, the lionessess treated it rougthly and dragged it back to Priderock. A lioness threw it down and kicked it, Reuben told everyone how he had discovered Zira's body and buried it. Many of the lionessess tried to scar Ziras body and Mala lost it.She yelled at them all, saying how disrespectful it was to do that. And that even though Zira hadnt been exactly a saint , she still had feelings and probably is upset if her spirit saw that happen.

The Pride was confused as Mala ran off, she ran to the Waterhole and sank down beside it , crying. She screamed to the stars"WHY!!!? YOU SHOULDNT HAVE GIVEN ME THIS NEW LIFE!!" Mala was depressed, even thoughs she wasnt ZIra anymore she still remembered what Ziras life was like.

In the dead of night a male lion sat and watched her, he observed her tears and her yells. Then he got up and wanadered over to her. He lay next to her, anbd placed a paw on hers. Whispering "Please dont cry anymore.. Your sadness shpould have left you by now." Mala looked at him, and her tears vanished instantly.

He smiled and introduced himself, his name was Ebony. Mala felt happier now she had me him and told him her name. Then He took her back to Priderock where the pride were waiting. Nala and Kiara rushed over, they had been so upset that she had run off. Taka Jr greeted her with him pouncing on her and giving her a hug.

The lionessess had given their apolagilies about what they did and Mala forgave them. Then Reuben annouced that he had a confession to make and he told the pride.

He told them the reason he had buried Ziras body was because he was Ziras son. Simba was shocked, he had never knew. Some of the older lionessess has known but not told the others. Reuben also told them who his father was. He said."Simba... Im your brother. Mufasa was my dad." Simba was surprised he hadnt expected this, Mala looked warmly at Reuben as he told Simba why he hadnt been Mufasas Hier. Mala knew the story so left them alone, Ebony followed her.

Ebony stayed with the pride, and he and Mala grew very close. She hadnt felt this way before, unless she counted when she had been Zira and in love with Mufasa.

She soon realised that she loved Ebony and one night she went under the stars and whispered into the wind."Thank you Mufasa, i realize now.. That this is what you planned since you gave me anougher chance.... Thank you!"

A few days later Mala decided to tell everyone, about her being Zira in a past life. Taka Jr stayed by her side throughout her tale and Ebony didnt change how he felt for her. He muttered in her ear that he lovd her, and that she was very brave. The pride were shocked but they didnt throw er out like she expected. Kiara sat with her and smiled at her. Mala said to her."Im sorry.. for not taking your paw.. but if i had.. i might not have had a better life now." Kiara understood, and replied."But your not Zira, your Mala now. Zira doesnt affect who you are now." Soon after that Vitani persauded Nuka and her cubs to join the Pride and Mala was proud that she could see her cubs from her past life happy once more.


Base: (c) Me


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