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Maji (BL)

Maji (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark green

Specific type : ---------


Detail Maji (BL)

Name: Maji

Pronounce: Mah-gee

Meaning: Water

FriendsRaeki, Dawa, other crocodiles

Parents: unknown

Siblings: six brothers

Mate: Kuthubutu

Float: Maji's

Rank: Leader of Float

Generation: Mohatu's

Personality: Maji is the strongest crocodile in all the closest bodies of water. Other crocs underestimate her abilities because she is female, yet when she pins them they know who is boss.

Likes: Respect, and authority
Dislikes: Anyone who thinks they are above her, trespassers, and other floats

History: Maji grew up with six brothers which explains alot. Crocs are already tough but with six siblings she learned how to keep them in check. The older she became the bigger and bigger she got. She exceded female crocodile length and was as big as the males. when she was full grown she challenged her cousin Chuki, who was known for being a hateful tyrant. He was the strongest croc among them, but because he underestimated her, he lost his title as King of Crocodiles and surrendered it to Maji. She then gained respect from all the crocodiles in the area, and when others challenge her they get pinned as fast as the battle began. Maji made peace with the lion prides near bodies of water. On her trip to the Jungle Pride to make peace, she met a young Raeki, a lion cub who wasn't old enough to be on his own. She took him to the Jungle Pride where she knew he would be raised right. From then on she has always been close with him. Seasons pass and Raeki wants to find his own pride. He told Maji this so maybe she could help him. About this time during her reign, her nemesis Chuki returned to try and take power again. They battled but this time it took awhile for Chuki to finally be knocked out. After she left the battle arena she felt something was not right in her snout, she heard of a mysterious lioness who could heal, so she put her brother in charge for a little while when she was healing at the Tree of Life. When she got there, Dawa the lioness came to her and asked her to come back to the Tree for examination. Maji noticed that Dawa was alone and had no family. That's when the idea hit he could introduce Raeki and this healer. Maji asked her if she had any room in the den for a new lion. Maji told her that he was looking for a place to stay. Dawa said she always had room for another animal in her den. Maji lead her to Raeki and trusted that they'd be okay and happy together. Meanwhile in the riverbanks of her territory she regained her poition as Queen and lead her float to supremecy.

How associated with Lion King? Story involes Tree of Life


original picture disney


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