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Mahali (BL)

Mahali (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Mahali (BL)

Name: Mahali

Pronounce: Mah-haw-lee

Meaning: Spots

FriendsRaeki, Mohatu, Adelie, Falme, Corilia, and rest of Jungle Pride

Parents: Rofu(father), Sharalu(mother)

Siblings: Corilia(sister), Raeki,(adopted brother),Dawa(sister-in-law)

CubsKitabu(son), Halu(daughter-in-law), Thelu(son), Muraqaba(daughter-in-law)

Other Relations: Kovu's great-grandmother

Mate: Falme

Pride: Jungle Pride

Rank: Princess to Queen

Generation: Mohatu's

Personality: Mahali is a strong lion inside and out, she is courageous and will often do anything to protect any lion in her pride. 

Likes: Gaining respect, leading, being with her family, and the memories with her dad.
Dislikes:  Being told what to do, animals who are indecisive, war, and trespassers

History: Mahali was first-born heir to the throne. She was born during a time of war for her pride. The late Jungle Pride valued war strategy and war techniques. It was tradition that the lineage King or Queen would teach their heir what strategies to use and when to use them. Mahali was no exeption. Her father Rofu was highly skilled in this like their entire family up to the earliest days of the Pride. Her mother died shortly after her sister's birthRofu often took her on trips alone to teach her valuable lessons on war. Because of this she war very close to her father, she looked like him and was a clear resemblance of his strong personality. On a training trip with her father, he decided to take her to the edge of their territory to show her the importance of protected borders. Their was supposed to be a guard on watch at every station, but when they got to lookout spot their was no lion. Rofu told Mahali to go and run back to den and get him support at the station. She ran as fast as she could back to den. As she ran back to the den she could hear running after her and mighty roars from her father. She knew deep down that her father was gone. She thought she had out ran her attackers but two Nile Pride lions tackled her but she threw them off of her, and kept running. Her training saved her life. Mahali got back to den and sent soldiers to the look-out spot to try and save Rofu. As they went to go protect their King, dfenses were down and she ran away. Mahali did not want to be at her den without her father. Dying from starvation and dehydration she stumbled onto the Pridelands, she met a young pair who said they would help her. This was Adelie and Mohatu. After they talked some sense into Mahali they escorted her back to the Jungle Pride and this was never forgotten. She created the first alliance between Jungle Pride and the Pridelanders. She was only gone for two months, but her Pride was looking desperatley to find her. When she came home they made her Queen of the pride, one of the last things her father did was set an arranged marriage between Mahali and Falme. When she returned she honoured his wish and paired with Falme. She did love him after some time, and out of that love came two sons, Kitabu and Thelu. They grew up and she taught her older son Kitabu everything her father taught her. One day in the midst of a high spot in the war, she got a message from two Nile Princesses that offered themselves as peace treaties and would arrange their own marriages with her two sons. Mahali agreed to this, and just like that ended the war. Her life was complete. she won the war her father was fighting. She was blessed to meet two of her three grandchildren before she died peacefully in the den. She was one of the most respected lion in her pride.

How associated with Lion King? Mohatu is friends and Pridelanders are allies with the Jungle Pride

Adelie does not belong to me, she belongs to Wayward Angel

original picture disney


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