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Created by : Tea

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Lütfü 

Basic Information:

Lütfü is A baboon who has served many of the great kings, He was present during the battle of the four manes as a young baboon, and has served the pridelands as a liaison between The Defenders and the Pridelands for an unheard of amount of years. Lutfu mentored Rafiki in becoming the royal Mjuzi.

When the Four Manes died in the Civil war within the Defenders, Lutfu returned to the Defenders as the Pridelands were safe with Rafiki. He stayed to help them rebuild, and helped guide Kanu the new leader, eventually when Kanu vanished, Lutfu foretold of shadows in the order's future, Mwenye kept this secret from the order and the pride. 

On Kanu's return and the coming of The Pestilence and the Plague bringers, Lutfu, trained  3 teams of Healers to go out into the land and try to ward off the plague from the animals and nature.

Series Envolved: The Lion King, The Defenders (My fanfiction/fan comic - Fanon AU)


Species: Hamadryas baboon


Appearance: Lutfu s a pale amber-ish grey, with a pink face and curly neck fluff. his body fur has slight curls visible on his elbows and knees. He has amber eyes that seen to be glowing with wisdom and he is very old. bigger ears than rafiki and a smaller nose than rafiki.


Personality: Lutfu, is very wise but he isn't what many would expect. He doesn't speak in riddles or any of that. rather he gets right to the point, makes things easy for others to understand, and tries to explain things using metaphor or descriptions of things at are familiar. Lutfu is a kindly old monkey, he will listen to the troubles of others, and even go on a ramble if you are just looking for a distraction.  If if someones company is bothersome or interferes with the task at hand, He will not turn them away and welcomes them.


Relations: Many Unknown

Friends: Rafiki, The Four Manes, The Defenders, Many Pridelanders

Foes: Scar, The Plague Bringers, and The Pestilence.



  • Lutfu is often called Ol'Fu fondly by those who know him
  • He loves to eat bugs to an almost addictive extent.
  • That isn't a beard in his image it's the deep part of his fur as seen on the male lions of tlk.


Character Summary - Universal Relation:

In short, Lutfu, Is a wise old Baboon, who mentored rafiki and was a liason between the Defenders and the Pridelands.


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